Getting Started with Your IQ Panel 2


  • • 7” HD Touchscreen with 1280x800 resolution
  • • Single 3-color LED status(green/yellow/red)
  • • Internal Siren Piezo SPL minimum 85dB for UL985
  • • Built-in 5MP camera
  • LTE & Wi-Fi dual-path connectivity
  • • PowerG with 4x the range of traditional wireless
  • • Mount backplate wall mount or table-top (stand included)
  • • Lithium polymer 3200mAh battery
  • • Internal storage 8GB NAND flash & SD card slot push for 1 Micro SD
  • • Panel tamper switch with spring release and reporting to status app
  • • Temperature operational -10 to 50 C



  • Bluetooth touchless disarming
  • • Automatic signal adjustment to improve battery life and ensure a reliable connection
  • • Proprietary image sensor capable of pairing with up to 5 devices
  • • Z-Wave Plus 128 total (Up to 80 lights, up to 15 smart sockets, up to 6 locks, up to 6 thermostats, 21 miscellaneous)

Wi-Fi Setup

1. Swipe down from the time display to show drop-down, then press SETTINGS

001a_Door_Lock_01.jpg 001b_Door_Lock_02.jpg

2. Press ADVANCED SETTINGS, then enter Master Code

002a_Enter_Program_03_Settings_Menu.jpg 002b_Enter_Program_04_Enter_Code.jpg

3. Press WI-FI then check the right-side box to enable

003a_WiFi_00_Advanced_Menu.jpg 003b_WiFi_01_Enable.jpg

4. Press WPS PUSH BUTTON, then press CONNECT

004a_WiFi_WPS_01_Select.png 004b_WiFi_WPS_02_Popup.png

5. Press the router WPS button or enable WPS mode in router settings

005a_WiFi_WPS_03_Connect.png 005b_Router_WPS_Button.jpg

6. When the display shows Connected, press BACK ARROW or HOME to exit