Getting Started with your 2GIG GC2/GC2e Panel

This brief instructional video demonstrates how to perform basic functions on the 2GIG panel


  • • Speaker/microphone for 2-way audio, audible local alarms, and voice prompts
  • • 3.75" x 2.25" color display touch screen
  • • Emergency button/indicator light
  • • Home button with LED status indicator light



  • Supports Z-Wave smart home devices
  • • Up to 60 wireless sensor zones
  • • Optional cell radio module
  • • Control the panel remotely via Brinks Home™ Mobile App
  • • Date, time, & weather display
  • • Configure rules for quick arm/exit

Wi-Fi Setup

If you want to use Wi-Fi with a 2GIG GC2 panel, you will need a couple of add-ons. You will need the 2GIG Go!Bridge module, which connects with your IP router through a hardwired ethernet connection. You will also need a 2GIG XCVR-345 module, which allows the GC2 Panel to communicate with the Go!Bridge.

Because this requires additional equipment, a cellular module is recommended for cellular only communication.

Features Unique to the Upgraded GC2e

  • • Improved 5" color display touch screen
  • • Compatible with older 2GIG wireless sensors and cellular modules
  • • Compatible with new 2GIG eSeries encrypted wireless sensors
  • • Photo slideshow and video playback
  • • Z-Wave Plus with S2 encryption
  • • Two-way voice