7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Home Security System

Maximize your system’s assets by taking advantage of these convenient safety features.


May 5, 2020

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Spending more time at home shouldn’t mean dedicating less time to being vigilant. Whether you’re sheltering-in-place or simply still adjusting, remaining comfortable and secure is important. Be sure you’re getting the most of out your Brinks Home™ System with these seven features that make it easy to stay safe:

1. Setting a Rule

Rules are automated, specific actions customizable to your individual security needs. They allow you to implement precise commands in order to ensure your home security system is working the way you want it to. Rules tell your system what to do and when to do it, such as automatically locking your doors at certain times of the day or switching on your lights promptly at 6 P.M. Rules are also a quick and easy way to set and forget your home security features, allowing you to safely enjoy your late night movie marathon.

2. Creating a scene

While our app offers you four ready-made scenes (Home, Away, Sleep, and Wake Up), Brinks Home also provides you with the option to easily customize each one, as well as add more. All our scenes are constructed for daily moments when you need to adjust several things simultaneously: arriving home, leaving the house, going to bed, or getting up in the morning. Whether it’s dimming the lights for a romantic night in or lowering the temperature after a long day of gardening, Brinks Home lets you adjust scenes to perfectly complement your schedule.

3. Motion alerts

Motion alerts are a great way to ensure your home’s safety and security — inside and out. Wireless motion sensors allow you to track which room the kids are in, and keep an eye on your backyard, all from your mobile phone or computer. With many of us now juggling new responsibilities, Brinks Home makes it easy to streamline safety measures.

4. Video Doorbell

The Brinks Home HD Video Doorbell features an integrated camera, motion sensor, digital microphone, and speaker, enabling you to see who’s at your door AND speak to visitors via two-way audio. Whether you’re patiently waiting for dinner to be delivered or having a family member drop off a care package, the Video Doorbell seamlessly helps facilitate contact-less interactions, while maintaining a safe distance. You can also record doorbell-triggered clips, set motion triggered automation rules, and receive real-time alerts, right from your Brinks Home app.

5. Geo-Services

Working from home has become the new normal for many people, but that doesn’t necessarily place you under house arrest. Although you may be spending more time at home, errands like going to the pharmacy or walking the dog still require you to brave the outdoors. When you do have to leave, be assured your home stays safe with geo-fencing. Using Bluetooth to track when you leave your property, the Geo-Services feature of your system automatically completes any task that you might have forgotten, like closing the garage or locking the back door. Upon sensing your return, it can even switch on your lights or adjust the temperature, so you aren’t coming back to a dark, unwelcoming house. With so much on our minds nowadays, Geo-Services is there to help you worry about one less thing.

6. Smart Thermostat

With a Smart Thermostat, you can always control your home’s temperature – no matter where you are. The Smart Thermostat responds to activity inside and outside your home, adjusting the temperature based on your unique needs. Plus, a Smart Thermostat allows you to automatically dial down to an energy saving mode when you leave your property or during cooler times of the day. The thermostat lockout feature further helps you maintain control of the temperature; an especially useful tool if there’s an increased number of curious little hands around the house.

7. Voice Control through digital assistants

Using Voice Control through digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant can help you avoid touching surfaces, while ensuring you’re protected. After downloading your preferred assistant’s app on your mobile device, log-in to the corresponding account (for example, your Amazon account for Alexa or iOS credentials for Siri) and enable the Brinks Home Skill. After being prompted for your Brinks Home login information, you should be able to sync your account with your digital assistant. You now have a safe, hands-free alternative to locking your doors, changing the temperature, dimming the lights, disarming your alarm, and so much more.

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Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor.

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