3 Surprising Security Camera Facts

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Whether you want to install a security camera in a business or a home, you might be wondering where you are allowed to place security cameras. Areas like bathrooms can be access points to the outdoors, and crime can happen in bathrooms for businesses. However, before you install those cameras, here are three important facts that you need to know.

1. Cameras Aren’t Allowed in Areas Where People Expect Privacy

If there’s an expectation of privacy in an area, then you can’t legally have a camera in that area. Settings with an expectation of privacy include, but are not limited to, commercial bathrooms and changing rooms. But it can be a gray area, as well; what about a bedroom? Certainly, the homeowner has an expectation of privacy in the bedroom, but other people, like nannies, guests, or house cleaners, might not.

Bathrooms are nearly always considered an area where someone can expect privacy. Because of that, security cameras aren’t legally allowed in bathrooms; however, security cameras can be allowed outside of bathrooms. If you’re concerned about someone taking merchandise into a bathroom or entering into your home’s bathroom, you can position cameras outside doors and windows in a way that they can’t see into the bathroom itself.

2. Security Cameras are Still Regularly Found in Bathrooms

Despite the fact that bathrooms are off limits to security cameras, employees still often report that they’ve found security cameras in bathrooms. Nannies, house cleaners, and even tenants have occasionally reported that they’ve found security cameras as well.

The presence of a security camera in a bathroom doesn’t mean their placement is legal, so homeowners shouldn’t assume that they are in the clear either. Even if they don’t place the security camera themselves, it’s possible for one to be in their home that they haven’t found it or seen. If you are a property owner and want to know where you can place surveillance cameras, or if you believe someone has invaded your privacy using an improperly located camera, you should contact an attorney.

Because security cameras are a relatively complex area of law, those who want to know whether they can place surveillance cameras in a specific area should contact an attorney for guidance. They can tell you whether your home security ideas are reasonable. In short, cameras are generally considered illegal if:

  • The other party is not aware or has not consented to them.

  • The other party has a reasonable expectation of privacy.

3. Security Cameras Can Be Anywhere with Permission

On the other hand, it’s important to note that anyone can be filmed with permission. If you have a private bathroom and you and your spouse or other family members all know that a security camera is in that bathroom, you can place a camera in the bathroom. However, you and other consenting parties are the only ones who can use that bathroom. If someone else uses that bathroom, they need to be notified before using the restroom.

Should a house cleaner go into that bathroom, they would have a reasonable expectation of privacy because bathrooms can be reasonably expected to be private.

Where Should I Put Security Cameras in My Home?

If you don’t feel like fussing with the legalities that come with placing a security camera in your bathroom, don’t worry. There are many other great places you can keep a security camera in your home.

Close to Your Expensive Items

You should monitor expensive items like TV’s, purses, and antiques with a security camera. More expensive items are likely the first items burglars will go for so positioning security cameras toward them can help keep them protected.

Close to Your Home’s Main Entry Points

A quick tip for finding the right spot to place your security camera is to think like a burglar. How would they enter your home? The answer is probably going to be through your main entry points. According tocnet.com, the front door, back door and first-floor windows are frequent entryways for burglars. They will often take the easiest route possible, adding security devices like smart locks, video doorbells, and more will maximize your protection.

Popular Rooms or Stairways

Stay up to date on what’s happening in popular spots in your home, like the living room or kitchen, with a security camera. Keeping your security camera in spots like these is wise for many reasons. For example, items like your largest TV, expensive art, antiques, and more are probably in these areas.

Stairways lead to important points of entry in your home and are also ideal for security cameras. Burglars will use these to enter your home. Install a security camera in a stairway to monitor unusual movement.

If you have further questions about home security, don’t just guess. Contact a Security Consultant at Brinks Home™.

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