Best Home Security for a Large Home: Features and Tips

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Having a larger home can be great for family events, hosting a game night with friends, or for just spreading out your accumulated belongings, but when you have more to protect, you need to make sure that your home security system can grow to meet the increased demand.

What to look for in a home security system for a large house

When looking for a home security system for larger houses, first consider total coverage. A larger house will often have more windows, more doors, and more potential blind spots leading up to these entry points. Having a security panel that can accommodate the number of sensors needed to protect each location should be your top priority.

Device Capacity:

One of the top security panels we recommend is the Qolsys IQ Panel 4. The IQ Panel 4 boasts an impressive capacity for up to 128 wireless security radio frequency or life safety devices. Also, it can pair with up to 137 smart home devices using a Z-Wave Plus 700 network including up to 80 lights, 20 locks, 10 thermostats, 21 miscellaneous items, and 6 garage door controllers. Even if you don’t plan on starting out with this many devices, start with what you need, and consider the possibility of future expansion.

Z-Wave Network:

Having Z-Wave devices not only provides the convenience of making your house a smart home, but also, Z-Wave networks which are connected directly to a power source relay the Z-Wave signal, meaning the more devices you have spread throughout the house, the stronger the signal strength. This is especially beneficial in larger homes.

Range and Frequency:

As for the range of other devices, such as sensors, life safety devices, and wireless security cameras, the panel recommended above has a 915 MHz, long range, secure encrypted two-way wireless frequency. If the distance between your panel and your sensors, or your panel and Wi-Fi router, is too far to communicate effectively, then you will want to consider purchasing a signal repeater or another smart device.

Backup Communications:

If your Wi-Fi or internet signal is overutilized by devices competing for resources in your home, then it would also be prudent to make sure your system supports backup communication methods, such as cellular backup. This is usually not something that a home security system by itself would cause, but bandwidth can be used by other devices in the home.

Video Security Cameras:

Video security cameras are a very popular add-on for home security systems, but when the property is larger, ensure that the camera’s resolution has adequate clarity for the areas being captured. Varifocal lenses also allow zooming into further areas, such as if you have a very long driveway, in order to capture details such as a license plate. Cameras with a wider field of view also provide better side-to-side visibility, which is good for covering more area over a wider property.

Zones or Partitions:

If you use your property for multiple purposes, such as having an onsite business, it might make sense to restrict access to only authorized personnel. Partitioning your system, if this feature is enabled, will allow individuals to disarm and enter your property without necessarily giving them unrestricted access. Sometimes this feature is advertised as multi-zone monitoring.

Mobile App Controls and Monitoring:

If your system is monitored by a professional security company, be sure to choose one that allows you to connect your security system to a mobile app on your smartphone. A mobile app that is intuitive to use should allow you to respond to a call from your video doorbell camera from anywhere you can access the internet. Having the ability to control your smart lights will allow you to turn off the downstairs lights when you go to bed without needing to go downstairs.

Why you need a security system for a large home


It’s no surprise that a larger home can be a bigger target for burglary. Many larger homes, whether they’re behind privacy fencing and gates or located out in the country, can seem more isolated. Isolation from neighbors can embolden someone who believes it’s easier to trespass without detection, and remote locations usually have longer travel times for emergency responders of all varieties.


Larger houses often have more points of entry, such as additional doors or windows which are the primary two entry points that burglars might choose. This can make securing all of them more challenging for the homeowner while providing more chances for the burglar to avoid detection. Having multiple garage doors, for example, requires having multiple tilt sensors specifically designed to sense an open garage door.

Demonstrating Security:

Having a prominent security system with visible cameras outside and yard signs and window decals showing that you have professional security monitoring can reduce this perception and offer a deterrent for those looking for an easy target.

Larger homes may still be targeted because of perceived wealth or the belief that the home may contain more items of high value, but having a well-advertised security system can effectively discourage undesirable behavior on both large and small properties alike.

Tips for finding the best home security system for a large property

Choosing an appropriate system might seem overwhelming, but when you partner with a professional security company, you should expect expert advice and ongoing support. Brinks Home™ offers professional guidance including selecting the right system and installation, whether you opt for professional installation or decide to try a DIY option. Contact us today to speak with a Security Consultant.

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