Can Nest Cameras Be Hardwired?

A look at your options when it comes to security cameras.


August 28,2020

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A lot of homeowners love Nest because of its compact, all-in-one smart home packaging. From controlling temperature to adjusting lights and locks, Nest comes with options that homeowners may not be able to get elsewhere. While Nest is extremely convenient and versatile, some homeowners find themselves wondering if it’s possible to hardwire their Nest cameras instead of having them operate on batteries.  

The  best home security system  is one that’s going to be reliable and do what the homeowner needs – whether that is hardwired cameras or battery-operated equipment. These cameras could potentially be more reliable — although battery backup would be necessary in order to make sure a power outage wouldn’t completely disable the camera.  

Why Hardwire a Camera? 

There are a number of reasons to hardwire a camera and help make sure that it’s designed to truly protect the home the way it’s intended. While not all homeowners want to delve into hardwiring something that isn’t specifically designed so, many will see the value in hardwiring a camera — even if they have to make modifications to it. Why  hardwire a Nest security camera? Here are some reasons a homeowner might want to consider it: 

  • peace of mind 

  • not worrying about dying batteries 

  • an extra level of protection 

  • integration with the rest of a hardwired system 

  • complete control over security system 

While it’s not necessary to hardwire Nest home cameras, more and more homeowners are doing so in order to maximize their security systems’ reliability. But hardwiring a Nest security camera requires you to modify it from its original model, since these cameras don’t specifically come with hardwire instructions nor the means to do so easily and efficiently. 

Is Nest Designed for Hardwiring? 

With  the right security system, Nest can be a very valuable asset. But its not set up to be a hardwired system. That means homeowners must do something with the cameras to hardwire them in, which is sometimes easier said than done. For people who don’t know much about Nest or security cameras, hardwiring a system may not be realistic. But for those who are more tech savvy or who want to learn about electronics, hardwiring a Nest camera is completely doable.  

However, since the camera isn’t specifically designed for being hardwired, if you move forward with the project, anticipate having to incorporate some ingenuity in order to get it working properly. Plus, there are plenty of tutorials or information online from people who have successfully managed to hardwire a Nest camera, so if you do choose to undertake the challenge, you’ll have a lot of great resources.  

Working With Brinks Home Security ™  

When working with a security company and integrating the Nest camera, it’s important to make sure that all of the other components of the system will still work with the hardwired Nest.  

Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor.

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