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January 26, 2021

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Some of the many benefits of leasing an apartment include the reduced maintenance responsibilities and eliminating the cost of home ownership. While there are plenty of apartment buildings with exceptional security features, such as key fobs, front entries that require scanned access, and even gated communities, they’re all geared more towards protecting the landlord from liability, and protecting the landlord’s investment, not the tenants’ valuables.

So, what should a person do to protect their valuables and safety while leasing an apartment? They should create a security system within their living space.

Choose carefully – but diligently

When choosing a security system for an apartment, there needs to be careful consideration to not damage the property, as well as not infringing on the legal rights of other tenants. Additionally, it would not be advisable to drill holes for a security system that cannot be fixed and forfeit a security deposit or be charged for damages. In fact, the first thing that should be done prior to purchasing any type of security system is to contact the landlord to receive written authorization.

Ideally, a security system for an apartment should include:

  • An alarm sound system

  • Indoor wireless security cameras

  • Door and window sensors

  • Carbon monoxide monitoring

  • Motion sensors

Additionally, a sliding glass door should have a heavy-duty security bar. Tenants should never rely on the manufacture’s lock or standard security bar.

Deciding on a security system

Unfortunately, most of the security equipment is manufactured for individual homes. Therefore, a tenant needs to get creative and build a security system that fits their individual situation. A person who has an apartment that is considered a duplex may have more advantages over someone that lives in a more modern apartment building.

Wireless is generally the best product to use. A wireless security system has two major benefits for an apartment: there isn’t a need to drill for wires and they’re portable and can be taken to the next rental. In most situations, a starter wireless system will be sufficient. If not, a security system can always be enhanced to add more equipment.

Brinks Home™can help customize a security system to fit your home and living situation. Give us a call today to find out how your home can protect you and your family.

Linley Stringer is a copywriter for Brinks Home. She is passionate about telling stories that keep consumers informed and protected.

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