Fake Home Security Yard Signs

Four facts that may surprise you.


November 27, 2020

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Signs exist to be read. They can prevent tragedies, awkward situations, and miscommunications. When it comes to protecting your house, home security companies implement branded yard signs to warn and deter would-be burglars from breaking in.

It may seem easy to put up a fake home security yard sign, but a phony sign might actually do more harm than good. Here are three facts about fake signs that may surprise you:

  • Smart burglars can spot the difference

  • You may violate copyrights

  • A fake sign may hurt more than it helps

  • Fake burglar alarm stickers are not advisable

Smart burglars can spot the difference

A real home security sign will have a legitimate brand’s logo. If you have a fake home security sign, an intelligent burglar may call your bluff. Smart thieves will Google the company displayed on fake signs to verify their authenticity.

If a company sounds slightly fake to a burglar, you might as well have a sign that says, “Please rob me, I do not have real protection here.” Smart burglars will also take the time to scope out the house and learn the homeowner’s routines to see if their target really has a home security system as advertised in the yard.

You may violate copyrights

Copyrights protect artists and companies from losing money. Bogus security yard signs are technically copyright infringement.

If word gets out that a home security company’s name is used without their permission, that company may have grounds to sue for copyright infringement. Depending on the law, it could cost you plenty of time and money. Before purchasing a fake sign and using it in your yard, ask yourself whether the risk is worth it.

A fake sign may hurt more than it helps

Some thieves are so desperate that they ignore the yard sign and take the risk of getting caught. If you have a fake sign without an actual security system protecting your house, thieves will make off with precious belongings, and the police can only do so much.

Another problem with fake home security yard signs is that they can lead to a sense of false security. If, for instance, you leave the doors unlocked and the windows open all the time, there’s no point in having a sign in the yard.

Fake burglar alarm stickers are not advisable

Like a fake security yard sign, it may be tempting to purchase fake burglar alarm stickers off a site like Amazon or eBay, but these decals probably won’t fool a burglar either. A comprehensive security system, complete with cameras and sensors, from a reputable home monitoring company does more to ward off would-be intruders than any fake burglar alarm stickers. Instead of taking the chance on fake decals and burglar alarm stickers, signing up for a professional home security company gives you access to real security yard signs and decals.

Take the first step to getting a legitimate home security yard sign by contact Brinks Home™ today.

Allison Clark is a senior writer for Brinks Home. She enjoys educating others on the benefits of smart home security and using technology to simplify everyday life.

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