Finding the Best Home Security System for Rural Areas

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Those who live in the countryside and remote locations appreciate being closer to nature and having more privacy, space, and peace. While these factors make rural living appealing, there are important considerations for rural homeowners to secure their properties and ensure their safety.

Why a Home Security System is Important for Rural Areas

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the rate of victimization of property crimes (including burglary, trespassing, and theft) in rural areas is 57.7 per 1,000 people. More burglaries occur in rural states, led by New Mexico, with others including Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.

Rural homeowners face different security challenges than their urban counterparts and thus have different needs in finding the right home security system. There are also many factors as to why homes in isolated locations may be more vulnerable to property crimes.

More Space to Secure

Defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as all territory, population, and housing units located outside urban areas, rural areas are typically spread across large areas of land. Owning properties with multiple acres may also present multiple access points to consider monitoring.

Many rural dwellers have barns or sheds used for storing equipment, machinery, and even crops. Having a robust security system in place also protects these valuables.

Increased Trespassing Risk

Having a home in an isolated location can make it an easier target for criminals, as there is a lesser chance of being seen or detected. Rural homeowners may also enjoy the privacy of not having other homes nearby, but this means there aren’t neighbors who can keep an extra eye out.

It’s not only humans who can pose a risk to property but also wildlife. Farm owners and homeowners with animals—such as chickens and livestock—must consider safety measures for outdoor structures like coops and barns.

Potential Distance from Dispatch Services

In areas with lower population density spread out across acres and miles, access to law enforcement and emergency services may be limited. This can potentially lead to delayed response times.

Therefore, it’s vital for homeowners to take precautions to deter potential property crimes by setting up safeguards connected to an around-the-clock monitoring system. The sooner an alert goes off, the more swiftly local dispatchers can be notified to arrive on the property.

For rural homeowners, extra vigilance and preparation is required to ensure the safety of their properties, families, and valuables.

What Rural Homeowners Should Look for in a Security System

Now that we’ve established the distinct security considerations for homeowners in remote locations, let’s examine the features and benefits of a security system.

While each property is unique with different requirements, the best security approach is multi-layered with several deterrent methods.

Activating lights and sound, recording activities on or around the property, and securing the perimeter from intrusion will reduce the risk of rural properties becoming targeted.

A simple but effective visual deterrent is the use of yard signs. Marking that a property is equipped with a home security system can dissuade potential trespassers and burglars.

Video Surveillance

Security cameras are a major safeguard for securing rural homes and land. In particular, outdoor cameras are a smart choice for protecting large properties with sheds, barns, and coops. Equipping areas around the property with video monitoring can not only deter crime attempts but also capture evidence should anything happen.

Embracing security technology advancements, such as remote monitoring from your smartphone via app, gives rural homeowners more control. With high-resolution video and intelligent analytics, smart security camera systems allow for real-time check-ins across the property.

Motion Detection and Sensors

A well-guarded perimeter includes the use of motion-activated lights across the property to ward off potential intruders—human and animal alike.

In the home, door and window sensors ensure all points of entry remain securely closed. Adding an extra layer of defense, a glass break detector can immediately identify the sound of glass breaking, prompting alarm sounds and alerts.

Professional Monitoring

The best bet for homeowners in rural areas is a professionally monitored home security system. Around-the-clock monitoring allows for peace of mind with immediate response, alerting if there is a threat and verifying if help is needed. Dedicated monitoring professionals can quickly dispatch local services in case of an emergency—an important consideration for living in remote locations.

Monitored home security systems with backup cellular technology also ensure a system hub is always on, even when Wi-Fi is spotty in isolated areas.

Tips for Finding the Best Home Security System for a Rural Area

Homeowners in the country and remote areas shouldn’t feel like they’re sacrificing their safety to enjoy rural living. Working with trusted experts to analyze their home and property needs is a surefire way to find the best security system.

Having professional installation performed when setting up a home security system ensures that an experienced technician can account for any potential vulnerabilities, identify key vantage points, and thoroughly test the signal strength for all equipment and for outgoing system communications to the homeowner and the monitoring company.

Call us today to speak with a Brinks Home™ Security Consultant for customized advice regarding your home security needs and to check for availability in your area.

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