Guide to Purchasing a Keyless Door Lock

Considerations before buying a smart lock for your home


NOVEMBER 29, 2021


Do you have multiple family members coming and going from your home on a daily basis? What if someone loses their keys? What if someone gets locked out of the house? These are just a few of the reasons smart locks and keyless entry door locks are rapidly growing in popularity.

In addition to the safety benefits, smart locks are just more convenient. Gone are the days of fumbling through your purse for front door keys while you’ve got a squirming toddler in your arms. To unlock your door, simply punch in your numerical combo and you’re on your way. Connect your front door smart lock to a mobile app, and you’ll never have to lie in bed again and worry whether you secured the door. Just pick up your smartphone, check the front locks, and sleep peacefully. While the use of keyless door locks is in popularity, hacking into home locks is growing in popularity as well.

We’ve outlined details about the best keyless door locks and smart locks for your home, so you can choose what works best for you and your family.

Types of keyless smart locks

Thanks to creative minds and ever-advancing technology, you’re not only able to more efficiently protect your home, but you may also have the ability to easily unlock the door with the sound of your voice or a quick number combination. When selecting keyless entry options for your home, here are a few things to consider:

  • Keypad locks are easy to set up and require a PIN number to unlock the door. Individual users can also have their own unique PINs, and you can change codes anytime. Brinks Home™ offers the KwikSet 888 Smartcode Deadbolt and the KwikSet SmartCode Wireless Keypad Leverlock. Both keypad locks feature a stainless steel side locking bar as well as racks and pins for increased strength and security. While these locks lack remote accessibility, they save kids and other family members from keeping up with keys. Additionally, since keypad locks don’t access the internet, they can’t be hacked.

  • Wi-Fi-enabled lock options allow for more control both on-site and remotely. So if one of the kiddos forgot their key, a quick call to Mom or Dad and the push of a mobile button on a smartphone app will solve the problem. While some homeowners enjoy the convenience of a full wireless setup, keep in mind that any lock connected to the internet could be vulnerable to hackers. If you don’t want the hassle of connectivity, the tried-and-true deadbolt and keypad may be for you.

  • Key fobs act as an electronic key that can wirelessly lock and unlock your home up to 500 feet away. Key fobs are a good option for those who don’t want to remember a code but still want the technology of a smart lock. In addition to keyless entry lock fobs, keychain remotes can turn lights on and off, open garage doors, and, in case of emergency, activate police or auxiliary panic alarms. Just remember to keep your keychain remote safe, otherwise you may accidentally alert the authorities.

  • Biometric solutions can help lock down and protect your space with the scan of a fingerprint. Though usually reserved for businesses, easily programmable biometric locks can also arm your home through fingerprint or facial recognition. While these exclude the need for remembering a passcode or carrying any type of key, these biometric options do tend to be a bit pricey and may still be vulnerable to hackers.

Keyless lock features to consider

In addition to assessing what size lock will fit your door, you also need to consider the outside environment around your home, your budget, and who will use your locks. Here are some things to think about before making your purchase:

Durability: Make sure your lock can not only stand up to intruders and vandals, but also to any extreme weather.

  • Is your lock waterproof and heat-resistant, for instance?

  • Will it perform well in cold weather?

  • Before purchasing a smart lock, ask about any guarantees or warranties in the event your keyless lock incurs damage.


  • What is the most efficient way you and your family can operate locks?

  • Will a numeric keypad do the job, or would you prefer to have remote access in case of emergency?

  • Do you want your door lock to work cohesively with your cameras, alarms, or overall security surveillance system?

  • You can also connect Brinks Home products with your Google or Alexa digital assistant to enable voice command.

Wi-Fi connectivity: To connect integrations, you’ll need a solid Wi-Fi connection.

  • Before you purchase any devices, make sure they have adequate range to reach throughout your home and, even better, into your garage and backyard. That way you won’t have to interrupt your evening on the back porch to unlock the door for a guest.

Power source: Some keyless entry options are battery-operated, while others rely on electricity. Either way, getting locked out of the house is always a possibility, so have a backup plan, such as hiding a spare key in a secure location (that’s not under your welcome mat) or leaving a key with a trusted friend.

Take your home security to the next level by pairing keyless locks and smart entry options with video doorbells, security cameras, and other Brinks Home products. Contact us to get started.

Jason Stevens is a senior writer for Brinks Home. He is a "tech guy" who enjoys sharing home security and automation tips with others.

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