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Do alarm jammers exist?


September 24, 2020

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Home alarm jammers do exist and can be used to negate the effectiveness of a wireless home security system. Don’t panic, unless you own a high-value targeted home, your neighborhood “smash and grab” burglar isn’t likely to know how a jammer works, or even bother to own one.

How does a jammer work?

Your wireless home security system uses  RF signals between your different sensors and the keypad to monitor your home. Each security system emits those signals at a specific frequency that is filed with the FTC.  A frequency jammer simply sends out a strong signal on the same frequency as your home system and causes white noise which effectively makes your system deaf to any alarm.

Is it easy to get one?

Security experts say that a frequency jammer might cost around $1800 – not worth the time of a smalltime crook.  That burglar would also want to avoid the registration of a transmitter, so they might have to pay even more for the unit on the black market.

Are homes being invaded using this technology?

Nobody is even compiling a statistic on home invasions that use a jammer  to by-pass a security system because it’s not happening that often. The vast majority of burglaries are crimes of opportunity. The second most popular means of breaking and entering is simply breaking a window.

Burglars are not likely to even try entering your home when you have:

  • An active security system–even a very basic one

  • A sign in the window declaring the property is protected

  • A dog barking inside

  • Locked doors and windows

Is my home security system safe?

Ultimately, yes. When you have a home security system – even a wireless one – from a reputable company, you are 60% less likely to be the victim of a home invasion, no matter where you might be living.

If you would like some assistance in selecting the right security system for your home, contact BrinksHome Security™. They will gladly work with you to build a system that best suits your property while monitoring it for an affordable monthly fee.

Krista Bruton is a DFW-based writer who covers smart home security and consumer protection.

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