Home Security & Automation: How They Work Together

Smart Home Automation

Automation is essential for keeping home security on the cutting edge. It allows you to have control from anywhere, all within the palm of your hand. But automation is not just for security, it also enhances your smart home experience.

More and more people are using smart home devices along with their home security systems. By pairing smart devices with a home security system, easy access to various devices is made available with controls through your touch screen security panel, and if your home security system is accessible over a smartphone application, controlling these devices can be done remotely. With remote control, you can arm or disarm your security system, view and interact through security cameras, or activate and adjust smart home devices.

The Link Between Home Security and Automation

Automation has been evolving for a century, but it has reached new heights in recent decades. The first security system had some simple automation, allowing it to respond to user commands or sensor triggers. The first security system was able to remotely unlock a door, and yet remote-controlled door locks wouldn't take off until 2013 when Kwikset launched its first smart door lock.

Like how smart door locks were late to be accepted, the first security system featured cameras that wouldn’t be common until later. The use of security cameras in a home setting didn’t become popular until the 1990s. When the Internet of Things (IoT) became available, IP cameras could send video over the internet.

With smart home automation devices becoming more integrated with current systems, it is expected to grow threefold by 2027. Smart home security systems will be able to handle both more devices and more expanded capabilities of those devices, enhancing each other with complementary technologies.

How Home Automation Supports Security

Home automation devices increase the flexibility of how home security systems can behave. Originally, a security system’s focus was on securing the perimeter of a property and alerting of an intrusion. Security systems with home automation still provide this protection but in more advanced ways.

Smart Locks

Smart locks can pair with a home security system. This enables you to automatically lock and unlock doors using your mobile phone instead of a key. With newer smart locks, you can also provide temporary access codes for guests or visitors—a great tool to have when you need to give the dog walker access to your home while you are away from home.

Smart Garage Door Controls

Another product that supports your home security system includes smart garage door controls. These devices can connect to your home security system and detect when your garage door opens and closes. Additionally, they can link to delivery services like Amazon. This allows them to safely drop off packages in your garage instead of at your front door.

Video Doorbells

You can detect visitors when they come to your doorstep. With a video doorbell, you can talk to them through your home security system. If they are strangers, the video doorbell can be used to record clips that show you who is coming to your property.

Smart Lights Triggered by Motion Detectors

Previously, a popular but single-purpose device was flood lights. These were used to shine a light on areas where movement was detected, potentially making trespassers feel insecure about coming closer. A smarter way to do this is by using smart light bulbs with a security camera or indoor motion detector connected to your security system. This would not only illuminate an area, but it would also send a report to your smartphone.

Smart Switches and Plugs

You can program other appliances, like smart plugs for TV or radio and smart lights, to react when your home security system detects motion while armed. This can make it look like someone is home and deter potential burglars or vandals.

The Evolution of Home Security

While the first security systems included elements of automation, these systems have grown to accommodate ever-advancing technologies. In 2022, 130 million homes globally had a smart speaker. Technology now allows people to use their voice to control their home security, such as commands given to an Amazon Alexa or other voice assistant. This automation uses voice detection, speech recognition, text conversion, and natural language understanding to understand and follow commands.

A modern security system can do more than trigger alarms. They can adjust lighting, lock doors, and send notifications to your smartphone—all automatically based on triggers.

Brinks Home™ offers several automation features for home security. With Smart Arming, your security system automatically arms itself every night before you sleep. Additionally, by connecting a smart thermostat to the app, you can automate the temperature in your house. For example, when you’re detected within a set distance of your home, the comfort level can adjust accordingly. This functionality is based on a Geo-Fence, which triggers actions based on your phone’s location services. Moreover, Brinks Home allows you to create customized Scenes that coordinate your devices with a single voice command.

Smart home technology is growing, but only 12.3% of the world has adopted it as of 2021. As these products grow and more people use them at home, home security systems will also improve and become more advanced.

Home security and automation are always changing. A professional monitoring company can help you choose the best devices for your home. Contact Brinks Home today and talk to a Security Consultant to learn more about our equipment, installation, and ongoing professional monitoring that's backed by a Five Diamond certified alarm response center.

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