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Three things to know.


December 10, 2020

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A home security gate is one way you can add another layer of security to your residence. Security gates may offer locked or latched options as part of your fence for pedestrian or vehicle access. These gates help keep unwanted visitors off your property.

Gates provide an added level of security

Gates attached to fences or other barriers can create “safety zones” for friends and family members around pools or similar spaces. Whether you are considering a gate to protect your home from intruders or one to add an extra level of safety for your family, Brinks Home™ offers a variety of options for you to consider.

For access in and around your home or pool, door gates attached to fences can offer an extra level of security while also complementing the aesthetic beauty of your property. If you are considering a home fence as a security option, be sure to take a look at our recommendations for the best home security fences.

If you live in a home with younger children or have little ones around, such as grandchildren, who frequently visit, you may also want to consider installing a safety fence around your pool or hot tub. Brinks Home offers helpful guidelines when considering a pool safety fence. Of course, any properly installed pool fence is only fully secure when accompanied by a gate that limits access.

Before deciding your residence’s best setup, you should consider the pros and cons of various options. Padlocked gates may be a thing of the past. Still, suppose you live in an area with many storms or other factors that cause electrical outages. In that case, a simple key lock is more reliable than a system that relies on electrical power. Consider backup generators or alternative power sources as part of your security plan if you have electric gates.

Home security gates: three things you should know

Gates come in a variety of shapes and sizes

They do not have to resemble walls or fences around a prison. Many manufacturers offer options that fit with various architectural styles and add visual appeal to your home. Whether you are interested in a door gate along the walkway to your front door, a driveway gate that limits vehicle access, or another security solution, you can access an array of options that look nothing like the chain-link fences of the past.

Various access options are available

You can control who accesses your property in many different ways. Intercom access through telephone systems allows you to communicate with those outside before getting to your front door. Coded cards permit access in similar ways to those who use “card keys” in hotels. Swipe the card and safely enter. Keypads offer those with permission to access a way to enter while also tracking when they came to the property. Traditional lock-and-key options remain popular for pedestrian home security gates as well.

Electronic gates can integrate into comprehensive security systems

Gates do not have to be stand-alone sentinels. If you’re seeking a multi-tiered system, you can connect your electronically controlled gates with other security options, such as video surveillance and intruder detection systems that interface with a security company’s command center. These gates become a first line of defense that sends a warning or notification to you and your home security company before an intruder has a chance to get to your front door.

Brinks Home offers a variety of security solutions. Contact us today to learn more about the added value and safety that home security gates can offer for you and your family. In addition to home security gate consultations, Brinks Home has Senior Security Consultants available to address other security needs for your home, apartment, or businesses.

Allison Clark is a senior writer for Brinks Home. She enjoys educating others on the benefits of smart home security and using technology to simplify everyday life.

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