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How much do they cost?


November 25, 2020

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As you weigh the pros and cons of various home security systems, cost is one issue that may factor heavily into your decision. Just how much do residential security systems cost per month, and what’s included in those fees? Keep reading to learn more about the different types of systems and the estimated price tag of each.

Home monitoring 101

Before we start comparing the numbers, you might like to know about the different types of alarm systems. Home security setups can either be professionally monitored or unmonitored. Another option is self-monitoring, where you can access devices remotely, and you (or others you designate) manage notifications when an alarm is tripped.

Self-monitoring systems are generally considered unmonitored because there is no round-the-clock professional surveillance. Instead, it’s up to you to enlist the help of emergency personnel when sensors are triggered. Monitored systems can take this critical step for you if you’re unable to do it yourself.

As you might expect, unmonitored systems are the least expensive. Systems monitored through a landline usually cost $15 to $30 per month. More sophisticated monitoring — done through a GSM chip (allowing you to keep tabs on your system via cell phone) — generally runs between $40 to $60 monthly. However, that higher cost comes with added features, such as a two-way voice intercom system. Ultimately, prices will depend on:

  • The company you select

  • The level of monitoring you want

  • The type of equipment needed

  • Installation costs (if any), some companies waive this fee or allow you to set up the system yourself

  • The size of your home

Hardwired and wireless systems

Hardwired systems are often less expensive than their wireless counterparts, but they cost more to install. Wireless options, on the other hand, are easier to upgrade. Customers can usually just trade in the older components for more up-to-date equipment.

Sensor systems

Systems with environmental sensors come with up-front costs that total a few hundred dollars, while monitoring fees usually total about $50 per month. Sensors can detect movement, broken glass, heat, smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding, and freezing pipes, alerting you to other household emergencies besides break-ins.

Other points to ponder

When considering the price of home security, don’t overlook some of these less-obvious cost-saving considerations:

  • Having a monitored security system may lower your home insurance premiums by as much as 5-20%.

  • You may be able to get a tax write-off for your alarm system if you have a home-based business.

  • A residential security system can help you avoid the myriad costs associated with the property damage and loss related to a home invasion.

  • Alarm systems that link with other smart home systems can help lower your utility bills by making more efficient use of lights, heating, and air-conditioning systems.

  • Security systems equipped with sensors that can detect other types of emergencies in the home often allow you to intervene before restoration costs become exorbitant.

  • Making your home more burglar-proof can enhance its value.

The financial toll of a burglary or other disasters can far outweigh the monthly cost of a high-quality home security system. Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing your home, possessions, family members, and pets are protected, which is something you can’t put a price tag on.

Brinks Home™ provides professional home security solutions to fit your needs. Contact us to get started today.

Jason Stevens is a senior writer for Brinks Home. He is a "tech guy" who enjoys sharing home security and automation tips with others.

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