How to Reset Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

A troubleshooting guide.


November 23, 2020

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One of the devices that often comes with a security system is a carbon monoxide detector. Because of their life-saving capabilities, these detectors can be imperative. They aren’t the only type of protection a homeowner should have, but they’re definitely one of the options that deserve careful consideration. It’s important to remember however, a carbon monoxide (CO) detector can malfunction, and it’s important to know how to reset this detector so there’s a reduced risk of it not working when and if you really need it. If it doesn’t work and CO gets in the house, many scenarios could take place, all of them dangerous.

Naturally, that’s something to be taken very seriously — but it’s possible to reset a CO detector and test it frequently. That will help make sure it’s working right and will give the homeowners the peace of mind they need, as well. Then they don’t have to worry about CO getting into their house, and they can be fully protected from the danger. Some homeowners have more of a risk than others, but it’s always a good idea for homes to have this kind of detector just to be sure that everyone in the home is staying as safe as possible.

Why do you need a carbon monoxide detector?

Homeowners need carbon monoxide detectors because CO is a colorless and odorless gas. If it gets into a home it can kill, and the homeowner won’t notice it because they can’t see it or smell it. The main danger is at night, where a homeowner exposed to too much CO may not wake up.

That doesn’t mean a CO detector won’t help during the day, only that a homeowner may be more likely to notice a headache, dizziness, or other problems that could lead them to leave the house if they suspect carbon monoxide is the culprit.

Having a detector provides you with a very high level of peace of mind— even if you have an electric home and assume that you’ll never be exposed to any kind of carbon monoxide issues.

Does a detector need to be reset frequently?

A home security system is only as good as its weakest point, and a component not working can pose a real problem. Interlinked systems will usually let you know that something isn’t functioning correctly, but if a system isn’t linked up than you will need to reset your detector without knowledge from the rest of the system. Generally, a light on the detector that’s not blinking indicates that there’s a problem. Sometimes a flashing red light is an issue, as well, but that’s not always the case. Some companies have a flashing red light as standard, and the detector wouldn’t need to be reset.

Working with a security company for equipment resetting

When it comes to resetting a detector, following the manufacturer’s or security company’s directions is important. Homeowners should also look for a security company that offers:

  • ease of installation

  • good customer service

  • fast response times

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • good quality equipment

Establishing a trusting connection with a home monitoring company is a great way to establish comfort and convenience while feeling safe and secure in your home.

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Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor.

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