How to Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home

Understanding the benefits of home technology

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The plot of a 1990s made-for-TV Disney movie “Smart House” involves a family who wins a fully automated home with technology that quickly goes awry. Though entertaining, the dystopian movie’s computerization doesn’t even remotely resemble the smart homes of the 2020s.

Not only are there numerous smart home benefits today, but the technology is also well within reach for homeowners of all lifestyles. Here’s how to make a smart home, no matter your living situation or budget.

What is a smart home?

Simply put, a smart home uses devices to automate tasks in your space for extra efficiency. Smart home automations can range anywhere from having a Bluetooth-connected sound system to a complex lighting and home security schedule that controls your devices’ actions throughout the day.

Why is a smart home important, and what can a smart home do? Here are a few benefits:

  • Energy savings. Smart thermostats automatically adjust your heating and cooling throughout the day, while smart lighting can keep your lights on a timer to help reduce your electricity bill.

  • Enhanced security. Interconnected devices, such as motion sensors, smart locks, and cameras, offer added layers of protection to your security system.

  • Streamlined daily tasks. Smart plugs can switch on your coffee pot, robotic vacuums can tackle chores on a schedule, and smart voice assistants can keep tabs on your grocery list.

  • Added safety. Smart carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors can quickly alert you to the presence of any issues, while flood sensors can help pinpoint a burst pipe, leaky water heater, or basement flooding.

  • Increased home value. Already installed and functioning smart products make homes stand out, particularly with younger generations looking for move-in-ready homes featuring new technology.

Smart home devices to consider

Here are a few products to investigate when determining how to make a smart home:

  • Incorporate smart plugs throughout your home to control everything from your lamps to your TV.

  • Add a video doorbell to your front entryway to keep an eye on visitors, solicitors, and packages.

  • Consider smart locks on your front and back doors to avoid keeping up with keys.

  • Automatically adjust the temperature in your home with a smart thermostat.

  • Wirelessly arm and disarm your home security system with a keychain remote.

  • Secure your home and property with indoor and outdoor cameras.

  • Incorporate smart lighting throughout your home and property.

  • Install motion sensors on doors, windows, and in strategic areas of your home.

  • Invest in a smart irrigation controller to schedule lawn sprinklers.

  • Add a garage door tilt sensor to notify you of a roll-up or hatch door opening.

  • Set a schedule for your vacuum, your coffee pot, and your dog food dispenser.

How to create a smart home

Maybe you’re not quite ready to shell out a ton of money for a comprehensive smart home setup, so you’re more interested in going the DIY route. Or perhaps you want all the bells, whistles, and cutting-edge smart home products on the market. Even a few hundred dollars allows you to make a smart home. Here’s how to get started incorporating the technology into your household:

  • Check your internet connection. Smart homes usually require strong internet connection to function. If certain areas of your house lack good Wi-Fi connection, consider adding a mesh router, Wi-Fi extenders, or upgrade to a faster speed, if available, to easily connect all your components.

  • Determine how you’ll control your smart home. Use a digital assistant, like Amazon Echo Show or Google Nest Hub, as your smart hub to keep tabs on and control any integrated smart home features. Add in extra speakers, like the Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini, in key locations, such as a bedroom, kitchen, or living space. You can also use your smartphone to control all your products and automation.

  • Design your automated home. Are you looking for energy efficiency, a cohesive security system, home automation — or a combination of all three? Determine what you’d like to get out of your smart home setup, and create a list of items you’ll need.

  • Connect your devices. The beauty of a smart home system is that you can incorporate additional elements over time and based on your budget.

Creating a smart home is a much more straightforward proposition than depicted in a 1990s movie. Contact Brinks Home to see how smart home products can enhance your security, peace of mind, and your home’s efficiency.

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