Installing a Security Camera Under Your Eave

A step by step guide.


November 19, 2020

9 Installing a Security Camera Under Your Eave1

When it comes to proper locations for security cameras, there are a lot of options. One of them is under the eave, where the camera will be more easily concealed and where it will also be protected from the weather. These cameras are made to be outdoors, but for the home security system to work as well as the homeowner expects, it’s a good idea to take reasonable care of these cameras, too. Even if they’re weatherproof, they’ll last longer when they’re more protected from bad weather — this rings especially true in areas of the country where severe weather and temperature extremes can be issues.

But in order to mount the security camera under the eave, a homeowner will have to be sure they have the proper space and clearance for the camera to function properly. There are security cameras that move when they detect motion, for example, and these need to have the space in which to move so they can perform the way they’re expected to. Even fixed cameras have to be able to “see” their viewing area, so they can work with the security system the homeowner has in place and can bring a high level of safety, security, and peace of mind to the homeowner who’s using them.

Security cameras should be carefully concealed

Part of the point of an exterior security camera is for it to be subtle. That way a person walking up to the house won’t see it and won’t know they’re being filmed. In some cases, seeing a camera can deter someone from a crime — but it can also cause them to try to disguise themselves or their actions.

For a homeowner, being able to see the person clearly on camera can help with footage that may need to be provided to the authorities or the insurance company if there’s a problem. It’s not just about concealment, though, because a camera that’s used for security also has to be in a place where it can mostly see but not be seen. That means it can’t have its field of “vision” blocked, no matter where a homeowner tries to mount it.

Up under the eave is a good place for a camera

When it comes to where the parts of a security system should be located, up under the eave can be an excellent place for a camera. That’s a good way to get it out of the weather and make it harder to see, while still being sure that it can record everything it needs to so a homeowner has the footage they need if there’s ever a problem at their home. But it’s not always easy to install it there, because eaves can be slanted, sloped places that don’t always have a lot of support of stability.

Installing a camera properly

A homeowner that installs a security camera has to do it the right way. That should be done by:

  • carefully marking where the camera will go

  • making sure there’s adequate support

  • ensuring they aren’t damaging anything with the attaching of a camera

  • making sure that it’s watertight to avoid leaks

  • mounting the camera snugly so wind and rain don’t dislodge it

  • focusing on how to use the camera to the best advantage

There are multiple great options when it comes to cameras, and when it comes to getting the right one there are choices to consider. After that, mounting the camera is equally as important. While these steps may sound intimidating if your new to home security or a novice when it comes to tech, working with a security company is a great way to get peace of mind if you’re unsure to completing the process solo.

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Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor.

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