Picking a Mounting Height for Your Motion Detector

Three things to keep in mind as you install.


September 7, 2020

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Motion detectors are a big part of a  security system, but in order for them to do their job they have to work properly. This means they need to be mounted correctly and placed at the correct height, among other things. A motion detector on or near the baseboard area is only going to detect things that are very near the floor. It could be triggered by a pet very easily, but a lot of people may just step over it and avoid it. With a higher mounting height, the detector will pick up a bigger area, including the detection of people who are in the vicinity, which is the goal of the detector in the first place.

There are different recommendations about how high a motion detector should be in some cases, as there are different makes and models of these detectors along with different companies that create, sell, and monitor them. The manufacturer’s advice is usually the best to follow. This way, you can get the biggest benefit from their motion detector, and help ensure that they’re getting a quality product that’s mounted in the right place to give you  the largest level of value  for money spent as well as monthly monitoring.

How High Should a Motion Detector Be?

Overall, a motion detector should be mounted on the wall, between 6 and 8 feet high. Some people also put their motion detectors on or near the ceiling. That can work with a standard ceiling height — which is around eight feet — but may not be the best choice for any homeowner who has 10 or 12-foot-tall ceilings. However, these higher options don’t always work well with motion detectors, as a smaller person may not register on them unless they get very close.

Are There Extenuating Circumstances to Consider?

With any  security system,  there can be unique circumstances. The goal is to make the system work as well as possible, while keeping the home safe and secure. In some cases, there are specific reasons why a motion detector should be mounted at a higher or lower height than would be commonly recommended, but those are usually situations that present as being relatively obvious, such as the extra-large doors and windows found on country mansions or other sprawling buildings. People who have typical homes will want to stick with the normal mounting heights, as it reduces the chances that the  motion detector  will be able to easily miss something that’s important.

Asking A Home Security Company

When in doubt, it’s best to get advice from the security company that you’re using, or the one you’re interested in using. Want to learn more about monitored home security? Get a free quote from Brinks Home™ today.

Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor.

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