Product Spotlight: Video Analytics

Making your camera's footage smarter


March 9, 2021

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Outdoor and indoor cameras are a cornerstone part of a well-rounded security system, giving you the ability to have eyes all around your property. Adding Video Analytics to your Brinks Home™ video package adds an extra layer of security to your home, bringing you holistic peace of mind.

This technology is the brain of your camera system. Video Analytics can be given rules in order to note when your cameras pick something up that is out of the norm. For example, it can alert you when a car pulls into your driveway but won’t send you a notification every time a car drives by your home. It is a smarter way for you to be aware of the action around your home without constantly getting alerts you don’t need.

For indoor cameras, you can keep tabs on your home and know when things are not as they should be. You can set your alerts to be triggered when there is movement by the back or front door, so you can tell when your toddler is trying to get to the backyard while you’re on a work call.

You can also connect Video Analytics to your smart lights and have them turn on when your camera detects a person on your lawn or a new car in the driveway. It gives you the appearance of being home – even when you’re not. And you can set a rule so every notification that goes to your phone includes a thumbnail photo to show you exactly what your camera picked up, and give you the option to swipe and see what your camera recorded.

With Video Analytics, you can save up to 3,000 video clips per month from your cameras, capturing the important moments to you – with the ability to delete the rest. It also can send you daily highlights, which summarizes the day, according to your cameras. These include play-by-play recaps of footage, when your sensors triggered movement, when you armed or disarmed your system, and thumbnail images of pictures or videos from your cameras.

It’s your one-stop shop to smart cameras, giving you the full picture of your home. Every notification is customizable, and most camera settings can be configured to capture your priorities. If you’re interested in upgrading your camera’s capabilities through video analytics, call Brinks Home™ today for a customized quote.

Linley Stringer is a copywriter for Brinks Home™. She is passionate about telling stories that keep consumers informed and protected.

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