Security Camera Video Loss

Quick Troubleshooting Guide


December 14, 2020

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Few things are more alarming than going to check your video camera footage -- only to realize the tape is damaged or the recording is gone. Many questions may race through your mind, but there are a number of reasons why the footage might have vanished. The important thing is to keep calm, and look further into the following:

  • Is the battery dead?

  • Did the system crash?

  • Was there a virus?

  • Was the camera turned on?

  • Is the camera broken?

Is the battery dead?

One of the most common problems of tech fails is a dead battery, which can be troublesome since many security cameras run on batteries. Always check to see if there are any fresh batteries in the camera. Batteries can be purchased online or picked up at your local store.

Did the system crash?

Another common problem with video loss is a system crash. Is there malware? Did someone hack the system? Be sure to run a scan of everything as soon as possible and keep everything up to date. The simplest way to make sure your system is working is to turn it off for ten seconds and then turn it back on. If the system is running cleanly, everything is good to go. If there is another problem when the system is turned back on, run another check to find the problem. Keep checking the system until the source can be found.

Was there a virus?

Viruses are the bane of every computer’s existence. If a virus attacks a system, this could impact your home security system. Run a scan to check for viruses. Once a virus appears, clean it as soon as possible. For an extra precaution, update the virus scan system every two weeks. Your system could have much needed updates that you may not be aware of.

Was the camera turned on?

This is another common mistake. Some people can think that the camera is on when it’s really not. It does not hurt to do a quick check before going to bed. Sometimes, it can be as simple as the wiring is loose or the camera was not plugged in properly. Jiggle the plug and wires to make sure everything is secure. Also, make sure that the switch or button is turned on.

Is the camera broken?

In the final case, it is possible that the camera is broken. If the checklist has been run through and everything else checks out, it might be time to get a new camera. Before going this route, make sure that camera can be fixed by a professional. Sometimes, it is easier to fix something than to replace it altogether.

For more information on what to do to correct and help prevent video loss, visit the Brinks Home™ website. Lauren Slade is a Dallas-based writer and editor.

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