Staying Safe while Living Alone

Home safety tips for being home alone


NOVEMBER 3, 2021

11.3.21 Staying Safe While Living Alone Desktop

You just purchased your own house or townhome, and while enjoying the single life and all the joys associated with home ownership, you want to ensure your investment is secure and you stay safe at home. To help you feel safe when living alone in your new place — or when your partner is away for a period of time — we’ve compiled suggestions to incorporate into your personal safety checklist.

Tips for solo living

Living alone for the first time or flying solo while your partner is away can be fun but intimidating when you consider vulnerabilities. Even if you’ve lived alone before, you should still regularly refresh your safety protocols. Here are some tips for living alone:

  • Know your neighbors. These are the closest people you can call in case of emergency, so it’s important to establish and build some sort of relationship.

  • Understand your home. Simply locking the front door won’t necessarily deter burglars. Walk around your home to identify all potential entrances for intruders, such as the back door, the garage door, or even a second-level window.

  • Lock your door. Secure your doors and windows before you leave, even for a quick errand, to ensure peace of mind while you’re gone and when you return. Be sure to also lock your doors while you’re home so you can enjoy a pleasant evening bingeing your favorite TV show or getting a good night’s sleep without the worry of intruders.

  • Invest in new, quality locks. Replace previous locks with a deadbolt or a wireless keypad lever lock as soon as you move in. This adds an extra layer of security in case a previous owner still has a key or in case someone gets ahold of your keys.

    • Pro tip: Smart locks are a great option for anyone who wants to grant access to workers, extended family, or small children without having to provide a key. Simply create temporary codes or reset your codes as needed to ensure maximum security.

  • Hide a spare key. No matter the security system, you run the risk of getting locked out if there is a system malfunction, so pick a safe place to stash a spare key, or consider swapping with a trusted neighbor.

  • Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Regularly ensure all smoke or carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order.

  • Check in with friends or family. Regularly contact a buddy who can do a welfare check if you’re unreachable for long periods of time.

  • Be aware of sharing information online. Whether you’re on Facebook or navigating the world of online dating, you can unintentionally divulge info, such as when you’re leaving for vacation, what time you go to work, or when you regularly go to bed. Make sure you disable geo-tagging and limit the amount of information you share with your online network.

  • Develop exit or emergency plans. Take inventory of your surroundings, and consider different scenarios, such as evading an intruder, escaping a fire, or being prepared should the electricity go out. Create an emergency kit that includes:

    • Flashlights

    • Extra batteries

    • Portable phone charger

    • Bottled water

    • Non-perishable foods

    • A first-aid kit

    • Battery-operated radio

Tools to monitor your home

Are you heading back from the office and want to check your home before you enter? Perhaps you’re on vacation and want to see whether or not that package got delivered. Brinks Home™ offers a variety of products to secure your home whether you’re there or away. Here are some of our top tips:

Some do-it-yourselfers set up their own security system; however, it’s wise to employ professionals for professional installation and exceptional coverage. To properly protect your home while living alone, contact Brinks Home, or shop our products online.

Jason Stevens is a senior writer for Brinks Home. He is a "tech guy" who enjoys sharing home security and automation tips with others.

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