What to Look for When Buying a Home Security Camera System

What To Look For In Home Secuirty Camera System desktop

What Makes a Good Security Camera?

Not all security cameras are created equally. Depending on what your priorities are, there are plenty of options with different price ranges for you to choose from. At Brinks Home™, we recommend the following features to ensure that you have the safest, most reliable security camera option to complete your security system.

Security Cameras with Good Video Quality

A security camera with poor video quality is practically worthless. Simply put, if your security camera can’t show you a clear picture, it can’t properly protect your home. If the worst were to happen, having clear video evidence can make or break your outcome. For example, if your home is burgled, a well-placed security camera with the proper video quality can provide you with an accurate description to share with the proper authorities.

The following features are recommended for any security camera and will help ensure that your selection provides you with the best video quality possible.

  • High Video Resolution 1080p or Higher: This will provide enough detail to tell people apart and accurately see facial features, clothing, and actions. USA Today

  • A Frame Rate of At Least 15 Frames Per Second (fps): A higher frame rate creates a smoother video that is less susceptible to motion blur, which can reduce detail even on high-resolution cameras. Safewise

  • A Field of View Around or Above 130°: This allows the camera to see a large area indoors or outdoors while keeping within the video frame. A wider viewing angle allows you to survey more areas without having to purchase additional cameras. USA Today

  • Night Vision Range of 30 Feet or More: A camera with night vision helps a wireless camera produce bright images after the sun goes down. Most security cameras use infrared LEDs to record at night. Floodlights can also be added to further deter intruders. Forbes

Security Camera Storage Capabilities

When you need to look back at your security footage, you want to make sure you have a security camera with a reliable storage capacity. Choosing a security camera with a high storage capacity and cloud storage can ensure that any activity your camera catches is saved and can be used if needed.

  • A storage capacity of 32 GB or higher can store weeks’ worth of video clips with a resolution above 1080p. Preferably, you should pair this with an SD card if possible.

  • Cloud storage video history of 14 days (about 2 weeks) or more will ensure recordings are preserved long enough for you to review and download if something exciting or suspicious happens.

Security Camera Smart Features

Security cameras powered by AI, like the cameras we provide at Brinks Home, offer intelligent video analytics, motion sensing, and night vision technology to pinpoint the activity you want to see. This special video analytics help avoid being notified of non-threatening situations like animals or other harmless elements from triggering an alert.

Perimeter Motion Detection

Creating virtual “zones” around specific areas you care about with perimeter motion detection alerts you only when motion is detected within that specific perimeter. For example, this feature can be ideal if you would like to be notified about things like your kids coming home or packages arriving. Simply set your perimeter around your front door and receive a notification.

Intelligent Identification

If you are notified for everything, you will eventually become desensitized to your alerts so it’s important to only be notified when necessary. Intelligent identification is a smart security upgrade that uses video analytics to classify moving objects as people, animals, or vehicles. That way, you aren’t notified every time a bunny hops on your lawn or a car passes your home. It will, however, use video analytics to notify and potentially protect you from intruders.

Smart Device Integration

The best smart home devices for home security are the ones that can work together with other smart devices. With smart device integration, you can set home automation rules to trigger smart devices like lights, when motion is detected. For example, if your security camera sees that there is no motion after a certain period, it can do the reverse and turn the lights off to save energy.

Connecting to the Best Home Security App

What makes a great security camera stand out from an average one? The answer is convenience and reliability. Having a security camera that you can manage from your smartphone from an app, like the Brinks Home mobile app, can give you access to your home security cameras and some of your other smart security devices from anywhere. Paired with 24/7 professional monitoring, the Brinks Home mobile app acts like a second set of eyes ensuring that your home is safe and secure.

Want the best security camera for your home needs? Make sure to view our selection of cameras and other home security devices and contact us today to get a quote.

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