Who Installs Home Security Cameras? DIY vs Professional Install

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Once the decision is made to maximize your home security system with security cameras, you will have a few important choices to make. Based on how handy you are, your home's location, and the types of cameras needed, you should decide whether a do-it-yourself approach or professional installation is the right option.

What is the importance of having home security cameras?

Security cameras are increasingly becoming an essential part of your home’s security system because they have been proven in studies to reduce crime. Cameras act as a deterrent against undesirable behavior, discouraging attempted theft or damage to one's property and providing critical evidence where such an event has occurred.

Choosing who will install your home’s security cameras can impact the longevity, reliability, and effectiveness of the camera, so it is important to weigh your options.

Who can install home security cameras?


The process of installing your own home security cameras without the assistance of a professional usually involves purchasing a home security camera kit which includes cameras, power cables, mounting brackets, and related hardware.

Here are some pros for using the DIY method of installation:

  • Self-installation can be a necessity for some individuals outside of a service area.

  • There is usually an expectation that it will reduce the initial cost since there will not be labor costs associated with a technician.

Here are some cons associated with the DIY method:

  • You will be solely responsible for the ongoing functionality of your equipment.

  • This method should be reserved for parties with adequate skill required to install the specific type of camera needed. This is described further below.

Skill levels for installing different camera types:

An indoor, tabletop camera is likely to be:

  • Closer to a Wi-Fi source

  • Require few or no tools

  • Can go virtually into any room (except where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy)

An outdoor camera can require more skills, such as:

  • An understanding of the camera’s effective field of view and operational temperature

  • How placement will expose the camera to elements

  • Ability to use a ladder, drill, and anchors to secure the camera

  • Finding a suitable and safe power source

  • Ensuring the camera’s Wi-Fi signal can reach the home’s router without interference from building materials, distance, or other electronic signals

Professional Security Cameras Installers:

The process of using a professional to install security cameras refers to hiring a company or contractor to install security cameras on a home or property. Work is done by an experienced, trained, and licensed professional. A professional can first assess the property, recommend camera placement and type, and install the cameras and any associated equipment.

Professional installation may also include more advanced features, such as integration with your existing security system or automation system.

Here are the pros associated with professional installation:

  • A plan can be discussed beforehand to ensure you have control over the customization of your system.

  • There are assurances of ongoing functionality and product support.

  • An experienced technician can optimize the camera’s features that work best with your needs to ensure a reduced likelihood of false alerts or excessive notifications.

  • The device can be programmed to your panel, and it can be demonstrated how to access the video feed remotely from an application on your phone or other device.

  • System testing can be done to ensure all new and previously installed components are working as expected.

Here are the cons:

  • There is typically a higher initial cost associated with the labor of the technician.

  • You would need to schedule an appointment within your installer’s service hours.

DIY vs professional security camera installation:

Overall, both DIY installation and professional installation methods have pros and cons. If you have the knack and the time to install your own camera based on the level of difficulty required for that camera, then this may prove to be the best value option.

If configuring the camera, mounting the equipment, or being prepared to maintain the equipment going forward is not your best option, then professional installation would be a worthwhile investment.

If the service of a trained professional installer is the route for you, then it is time to decide which installation service is the best.

How to choose the best professional installation service:

Ensure that whichever installer you choose, they are licensed and have familiarity with camera equipment that has all the features you need. Different companies and contractors may recommend different equipment. It is recommended that you research equipment capability and compatibility with other security and smart home products already in your home while you review different installers.

Additionally, installation can be handled by a company that is primarily known for professional security monitoring. Choosing one of these companies can help ensure that you continue to receive ongoing support for these devices, as well as integration into your home’s security system.

Choosing a trusted monitoring company with a history of rapid response and continued support should be a top priority. Brinks Home™ has more than 25 years of experience in smart home security solutions. When you are ready, contact us today to discuss your best options with a Brinks Home Security Consultant.

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