Wi-Fi Light Bulb Security Cameras

Do I need one and what are my options?


September 11, 2020

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Security cameras can come in handy for many scenarios, especially when you have children running around your home while you’re gone. Unfortunately, in most situations, when the camera is visible it can render them useless – there’s a reason hidden camera are, well, hidden.

Cameras can also be a great way to check in on someone. For senior citizens living on their own, it’s always a good idea to have some type of alert pendant that sends for help in an emergency. What if they lose consciousness and can’t trigger an alert? Adding an indoor camera may help you check on them, and a light bulb camera might make sense depending on their living situation. It’s important to consider privacy concerns when putting up light bulb cameras in common living areas.

If you do need hidden security cameras in your home, a light bulb camera may be convenient. But as always, with the growing demand, more and more companies are producing Wi-Fi light bulb cameras. So, what is the best light bulb to use?

Features to Consider

  • Panoramic View - You want to make sure that any camera you install has a wide range of view. 360° panoramic cameras are pretty common these days and have changed security cameras forever. Gone are the days where cameras had to pan back and forth, creating blind spots.

  • Video Storage & Motion Detection - Some light bulb cameras have a microSD slot that stores video. However, you would need a pretty big SD card to store a 24/7 video feed, and that takes up a substantial amount of space. It’s best to only record when something is actually moving in the room. A great option is a camera bulb that comes equipped with motion detection.

  • Microphone and Speaker - Sometimes just having a camera isn’t enough and you want the ability to talk to someone as well. Look for light bulb cameras that have a two-way speaker feature.

  • Night Vision - As far as security is concerned, night vision is always a great feature to have. If someone sneaks into your house at night with malicious intent, you’re probably going to want to know what they look like.

  • Remote Light Control - Being able to control and dim your light from your phone can come in handy.

Krista Bruton is a DFW-based writer who covers smart home security and consumer protection.

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