Will Amazon Alexa Work Without Wi-Fi?

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The appeal of Amazon’s Echo (or Alexa, as it is commonly known) include a variety of abilities ranging from instant news updates, streaming music, and having questions answered about any topic on a whim! While Alexa is growing more popular each day, there are alternative ways to put your Amazon Alexa to use.

If you do not have Wi-Fi in your home, or if you are planning on heading out for a vacation, you can still use your Alexa as a Bluetooth device with a bit of preparation. There are two ways to use Alexa without Wi-Fi: 

  • Use a mobile hotspot 

  • Connect Alexa via Bluetooth 

Why Alexa Does Not Work Without Wi-Fi 

Amazon’s Alexa is a device that strictly revolves around Wi-Fi to access everything from Google to various music-streaming services. Without Wi-Fi it is simply impossible to connect to these applications and features. In order to make the most out of your Amazon Alexa investment, a Wi-Fi connection or hotspot must be available to get started and to take advantage of all that the device has to offer. 

Using Alexa as a Bluetooth Speaker 

If you are wondering, “does the Amazon Echo Dot have to be plugged in?” that answer varies between power and connectivity. One way to utilize Alexa without having internet access or a steady Wi-Fi connection is to use your device as a Bluetooth speaker. To get started, you do need access to a Wi-Fi connection for the pairing process. If you do not have Wi-Fi in your home or while you are traveling, consider opting for a public Wi-Fi location or a venue that offers hotspots, always that any Wi-Fi connection you choose is secure to keep your personal and private data safe to avoid potential hackers or malicious individuals.  Once you have established a basic internet connection, you can quickly pair your phone with your Amazon Alexa. The following steps will help you pair your devices, so you can use your Alexa in the future without connecting to Wi-Fi: 

  • Open the Alexa application on your smartphone, select “Menu” and choose “Settings”. 

  • Pick the device you would like to pair. 

  • Select Bluetooth. 

  • Select a device from the list, then select “Forget.” Repeat this step for all other Bluetooth devices on the list. 

Getting the Most out of Your Amazon Alexa 

After your Alexa has successfully paired with your Bluetooth device, you can begin using Alexa as a second speaker. You can now stream any music, podcasts, and other audio material you have on your device. If you seek additional services and features, it is important to remember that a Wi-Fi connection is necessary. Amazon Alexa focuses on the ability to connect in order to maximize what it has to offer. 

If you choose to opt for Wi-Fi in the future, be sure to do so with a secure connection that is safe and reliable.  

How to Pair Amazon Alexa with a Security System 

One of the biggest benefits of owning a smart home security system is the ability to automate and pair your smart devices with a smart assistant like an Amazon Alexa. With the proper Wi-Fi connection, you can set up routines or commands to make your life more convenient. For example, if you have smart lightbulbs, you can create a routine to automatically turn them on or off during a specific time frame or just verbally ask Alexa to turn them off when you are in the house. This feature can be especially helpful if you and your family are out of town to create the illusion that someone is always home. 

This is just one of the countless ways that pairing your security system with your Amazon Alexa can make your life easier and your home more secure. If you are interested read the following instructions to pair your Amazon Alexa with your smart security system.  

  • Open the Alexa app. 

  • Open Devices. 

  • On the Guard dashboard, select Settings. Under Connect, select Security System, and follow the instructions for the system you want to connect.

Will My Security System Work with Amazon Alexa if the Wi-Fi is Out?

As previously stated, this system works best when connected to Wi-Fi, which means that it can only properly protect your home when it’s connected to Wi-Fi. If you rely only on security devices that run off of traditional Wi-Fi, you could potentially be putting your home at risk every time you have a weak or non-functioning Wi-Fi signal. While an Amazon Alexa is a great device to complement your security system, relying solely on devices that only work when the Wi-Fi is functioning can put your home at real risk. This can be especially true depending on the Wi-Fi reliability and infrastructure in your home or location. 

If you are looking for a smart home automation device that works without Wi-Fi or integrates with Amazon Alexa products, check out security systems from Brinks Home™. Our systems works off of a Z-wave mesh network that makes  your smart home devices continue to work when Wi-Fi is down.

Contact a Brinks Home Security Consultant today to learn more.  

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