Z-Wave Glass Break Sensors

A buying guide.


November 27, 2020

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Typical door and window sensors go off when a door or window is physically opened while the alarm is set to “Stay” or “Away.” Because of this, thieves will sometimes break a window to gain entry undetected. With Z-Wave glass break sensors, the sound of breaking glass causes an alarm to go off. The ultimate goal is that the blaring alarm will startle off any intruder.

How Z-Wave glass break sensors work

Z-Wave glass break sensors are devices that connect to your home security system via automation. Z-Wave is a part of the overall wireless network connecting and controlling all of your home automation devices.

Home automation allows you to turn your ordinary home into a smart home. You can use automation for one device, such as lights, or you can control an entire house, including appliances, air conditioning, door locks, smoke detectors, and more.

Glass break sensors can determine the distinct volume of breaking glass by picking up the unique vibration or frequency. Those sensors then send a signal over the Z-Wave network that an intruder broke a window. This notification causes the alarm to sound simultaneously when the monitoring company receives an indication that your house is compromised.

Features of the Z-Wave glass break sensors

  • Nonstop detection

  • Can cover at least 20 feet of space

  • Battery with an extended life

  • Z-Wave communication with one-touch button control

What else can you do with Z-Wave?

With home automation and Z-Wave technology, you can easily integrate your security devices. Simply press a button or coordinate with Amazon Alexa to:

  • Unlock and lock doors

  • Open and close the garage door

  • Arm and disarm the security system

  • Turn lights on, off, or dim

  • Set the temperature with an integrated thermostat

When you set your home security alarm, you expect to sleep peacefully throughout the night. If you have to work all day or be away from your home for several hours, you’d like to know that your valuables will be safe under lock and key. That’s not always the case where burglars are concerned. They will try everything they can to get into your home, including breaking your windows.

Brinks Home™ offers packages and monitoring security services with complete home automation. Z-Wave glass break sensors are so easy to install you can do it yourself. Getting home security for your family is easy. Contact a Brinks Home professional to determine your home security needs.

Allison Clark is a senior writer for Brinks Home. She enjoys educating others on the benefits of smart home security and using technology to simplify everyday life.

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