Dear Brinks Home™ Customer,

My name is William E. Niles and I am the Chief Executive Officer of Brinks Home™. As you know, we are facing unprecedented challenges right now: school closures, child care needs, caring for elderly relatives, family, friends, and neighbors; enduring the impact of social distancing, the difficulties of working from home; securing groceries; lost wages, business interruptions, and for some — the requirement to shelter-in-place.

Despite these challenging times, I want to personally assure you that Brinks Home™ and its amazing employees remain 100% committed to supporting the health, safety, and well-being of our customers, our own fellow employees, their families, and the general community. At Brinks Home™, we take pride in serving and supporting our customers and colleagues.

As outlined below, we have taken key steps to ensure that our employees are working in a safe environment, and in turn, they will continue to provide you with best-in-class, professional, monitoring service.  

Our Corporate Offices and Alarm Response Center (ARC)

Our ARC is fully staffed and will remain fully operational. We will continue to provide the professional monitoring service you rely on. We have built multiple contingency plans to allow us to provide continued 24/7 monitoring services.

At our flagship ARC located in Dallas, and at other locations across the country, we have taken extraordinary efforts to provide maximum flexibility, support, and tools for the safety and wellbeing of our employees. In recognition of the hardships we are all facing, we have added additional paid time off for our employees so that they can take care of themselves, their children, family members, or loved ones that may be impacted by this crisis.

Protecting You and Your Home

Should you need on-site service, installation, or support, we are on call for you at 800-447-9239. For in-home service, we have asked our teams to take extra steps to protect you, your family, and themselves. These include:

  • Our team members follow the CDC’s best practices for hygiene.

  • Team members will conduct a daily fitness for duty assessment, including temperature and symptoms check.

  • If they arrive at a home and someone is ill, we have advised our teams to discreetly return to their vehicles and call us before entering, so that we can ensure that the health of all parties is accounted for, and we will reschedule the appointment, if necessary.

  • When they arrive, we’ve asked them to wash their hands with your permission. Technicians will be mindful of what they touch during an install.

  • Our colleagues will maintain social distance while in your home, and will avoid placing their equipment, displays, or tools on your furniture. They will also wipe down their tools, displays, and equipment thoroughly in-between appointments.

  • To minimize contact, they will ask you to sign any paperwork with your own pen.

  • After a job is complete, our team members will wash their hands again.

  • We will evaluate and make any necessary additional enhancements to our procedures based on the best advice from the CDC and health professionals.

Stay safe.


William E. Niles
Chief Executive Officer