How to Program a FireFighter Sensor to the IQ Panel 2

The FireFighter's unique technology monitors the alarm activity of existing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and when an alarm tone is detected, a signal is sent to the panel for emergency response.


Sensor Installation:

1. Open the cover to the sensor by pressing the button on the side.

Front Open Button


2. Install the battery, then replace the cover.

Circuit Board


3. Mount the FireFighter within 6 inches of the smoke or carbon monoxide detector.

Secure FireFighter Mount


4. The side audio holes must face the detector.

Secure FireFighter Audio Holes


5. Screw the mounting bracket to the wall, then slide the sensor onto the bracket.

Secure FireFighter to Bracket 1


6. Secure the FireFighter to the bracket using the small screw provided.

Secure FireFighter to Bracket


IQ Panel 2 Programming:

 1. Swipe down from the clock display at the top of the screen, then press Settings.

Enter_Program_01_Main.jpg Enter_Program_02_Dropdown.jpg


2. Press Advanced Settings, then enter the default installer code 1111 or 2222.

Enter_Program_03_Settings_Menu.jpg Enter_Program_04_Enter_Code.jpg


3. Press Installation, then Devices.

Installation_Screen.png 6.png


4. Press Security Sensors, then Auto Learn Sensors.

7.png 8.png


5. Remove the FireFighter cover to learn, then press OK to confirm.

Auto Learn FireFighter Auto_Learn_Confirm.png

005c FireFighter Button Honeywell

6. Program sensor settings, press Add New to save, then Home to exit.

Add_Sensors_02_Smoke_Detector.jpg Auto_Learn_Sensor_12_Exit.jpg

Sensor Information:

  • • Sensor DL ID: Leave this alone
  • • Sensor Type: Select Smoke Detector
  • • Sensor Name: Select an appropriate name or create a custom description
  • • Chime Type: Leave this alone
  • • Sensor Group: Select 26
  • • Voice Prompts: Leave this alone