Honeywell Lynx Touch L5210 Panel Guide


  • • Touchscreen: 4.3" color graphic touchscreen
  • • Video compatible: on-premises video viewing
  • • Communication: two-way voice enabled
  • • Wireless zones supported: 64 programmable
  • • Operating temperature: 32°F–122°F
  • • Battery requirements: LYNXRCHKIT-SC 7.2 Volt battery pack (1100 mA standard, 2100 mA high capacity, or 3700 mA super high capacity)

Lynx Touch L5210 Front with Captions


  • • Integrated Z-Wave: supports thermostats, door locks, and lights
  • • Family message center: record or play back voice messages
  • • Two-way voice communication: enabled over Wi-Fi
  • • Siren: built-in 85 dB sounder with voice siren

User Functions

Arm Away: arm away is used when you plan on arming the system and leaving the home.

  1. Press Security, then Arm Away.
  2. Arm_Away_00_Main.jpg Arm_Away_01_Security.jpg

  3. Enter your user code or press Quick Arm.
  4. Arm_Away_03_Enter_Code.jpg Arm_Away_04_Arming.jpg

  5. The Lynx Touch arms after the exit delay timer expires.
  6. Arm_Away_05_Armed.jpg

Arm Stay: arm stay is used when you plan on arming the system staying home.

  1. Press Security, then Arm Stay.
  2. Arm_Stay_00_Main.jpg Arm_Stay_01_Security.jpg

  3. Enter your user code or press Quick Arm.
  4. Arm_Stay_02_Enter_Code.jpg Arm_Stay_03_Arming.jpg

  5. The Lynx Touch is armed after the countdown timer expires.
  6. Arm_Stay_04_Armed.jpg

Disarm System: This will disarm your system, and it will silence and reset any active alarm.

  • • If armed in Away Mode and entering premise:
    • Upon entry, you will be prompted to enter your user code.

    Disarm_04_Armed_Away_Enter_Code.jpg Ready_To_Arm.jpg

  • • If armed in Stay Mode:
    1. Press Security, then press Disarm.
    2. Disarm_01_Main.jpg Disarm_02_Security.jpg

    3. Enter your user code.
    4. Disarm_03_Armed_Stay_Enter_Code.jpg Ready_To_Arm.jpg

    Check Your System Status:  Checking your system's status will display which sensors are currently open or if any of your sensors are experiencing a trouble condition, such as a low battery.

    • • The home screen will display Ready to Arm if the system status is clear without any open sensors.
    • 001 Lynx Touch Home Screen

    • • If the home screen displays Not Ready to Arm-Fault, press Security

      003 Lynx Touch Home Screen Security 004 Lynx Touch Security Screen Sensors List

    How to Power Cycle the Panel

    1. Ensure the panel is in an unarmed state, then remove power from the outlet.
    2. Press the top tabs with a screwdriver, then pull the front faceplate down.
    3. 001 Lynx Plus Battery 1

    4. Remove the battery holder screw, then unplug the battery from the circuit board to remove it.
    5. 002 Lynx Touch Battery Replacement

    6. Wait 30 seconds before you replace the battery, close the panel, and restore power to an outlet. The panel will power back up.

    If, for any reason, your device does not power back up, please give your device up to 24 hours to recharge. Confirm the power outlet is functional by using a different device and ensure the outlet is not connected to a switch.

    If you need further assistance, you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.

    For additional information relating to your device, click the following link to view the original manufacturer's user guide or installation manual: Lynx Touch L5210 User Manual