TX-E721 Motion Detector Guide


  • • Transmitter frequency: 319.5 MHz
  • • RF range: up to 100 feet from panel
  • • Pet immunity: up to 40 lbs. pet immunity
  • • Coverage: 35 ft. x 40 ft. motion coverage
  • • Operating temperature: 32°F–110°F without pet immunity; 60°F–110°F with pet immunity
  • • Battery requirements: 1 CR123A 3-volt lithium battery

001 TX-E721 Motion Detector Details Home Surveillance Equipment

Installation Steps:

  • 1. Press the button on top of the sensor body, then pull the backplate away from the sensor to insert the battery.
  • Open sensor from top 003a TX-E721 Motion Detector Battery CR123A

  • 2. Temporarily place the sensor in its intended mounting location. Program and test the sensor before permanently mounting it. Programming steps are available by clicking here.
    • a. The optimal position for the sensor is 7.5 to 8 ft. high on the wall. The sensor must be mounted at an angle and be within 100 ft. of the panel.
    • b. Avoid mounting near ductwork, on area constructed of large metallic surfaces, or facing open windows.

    001a TX-E721 Motion Detector Complete Mounted Angle

  • 3. Punch out the mounting holes that best fit your applications. (The outermost 4 holes are best for corner mounting while the innermost 4 holes are best for flat surface mounting.)
  • 4. Mark the location of the required holes on the mounting surface, then secure the backplate into place using wall anchors and screws.

  • For additional information relating to your device, click the following link to view the original manufacturer's user guide or installation manual: TX-E721 Motion Detector Manual