Yale YRD210 Door Lock Guide


  • • Communication: Z-Wave
  • • Outside temperature range: -22ºF to 140ºF
  • • Keys: includes 2 keys
  • • Battery requirements: 4 1.5-Volt AA Alkaline, 1 year estimated battery life


Installation Steps:

  1. Install bolt in door. Note the bolt must be in a retracted position when installing the lockset. Attach with 2 M4 x 25.4mm screws supplied.
  2. 001 - YRD2x0 Bolt

  3. Install strike on the door frame.
  4. 002 - YRD2x0 Strike to Door Frame

  5. Route the cable through 2 1/8 in. diameter hole. The cable must go under the bolt and through.
  6. 003 - YRD2x0 Threading Cable

  7. Insert outside escutcheon while routing the cable through the inside mounting plate’s 1/2 in. hole, then insert mounting plate tongue into the bottom slot of outside escutcheon and tailpiece through bolt.
  8. 004 - YRD2x0 Cable Mounting Plate

  9. Secure inside mounting plate to outside escutcheon using 2 M6 x 59.5mm pan head machine screws. Do not overtighten.
  10. 005-008 Mounting

  11. Attach the cable connector to inside escutcheon circuit board. Press firmly with thumbs so that back edge of the connector lines up with arrows on PCB.
  12. Slide inside escutcheon over mounting plate.
  13. Install and secure using 3 M4 x 8mm pan head screws through the battery housing into the mounting plate.
  14. Insert 4 AA alkaline batteries. The lock responds, “Welcome to Yale Real Living.”
  15. Install the battery cover and tighten the screw with a #2 Phillips screwdriver.
  16. The Z-Wave device must be paired to a Z-Wave network before it can receive Z-Wave commands. Click here for instructions on how to program the YRD210 to the panel.

For additional information relating to your device, click the following link to view the original manufacturer's user guide or installation manual: Yale YRD210 Door Lock Manual