How to Program Wi-Fi on the 2GIG Edge

  1. From the home page, tap the settings icon (cog), then tap Keypad.
  2. 001.1 2GIG Edge Home Screen 001.2 2GIG Edge Select Keypad for Installer Code

  3. Enter 1561, then tap Installer Toolbox.
  4. 001.2b 2GIG Edge Installer Code 002.1 2GIG Edge Installer Toolbox

  5. Tap Panel Programming, then tap Network Settings.
  6. 002.2 2GIG Edge Panel Programming 002.2 2GIG Edge Network Settings

  7. Tap on your preferred home wireless network from the list.
  8. 003.1 2GIG Edge Select Network

  9. Enter your network password, then tap the back icon (left arrow). Enter network password at the Keyboard Entry screen and tap Connect.
  10. 003.2 2GIG Edge Enter Your Network Password