How to Recharge the ADC-VDB780B Battery

When it is time to recharge the battery in your video doorbell camera, you will see an alert on your system panel, as well as a notification in the Brinks Home™ Mobile App.

The Wireless Video Doorbell (ADC-VDB780B) battery can be charged using a 5V/1.5A USB wall charger and the supplied charging cable. A fully depleted battery takes approximately 7 hours to charge.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Unlatch the bottom of the mount.
  2. 001a ADC-VDB780B Initial 001b ADC-VDB780B Unlock mount

  3. Remove the camera from the mount.
  4. 002b ADC-VDB780B Pull away

  5. Separate the battery pack from the camera body.
  6. 003a ADC-VDB780B Separate battery 003b ADC-VDB780B Remove Battery

  7. Plug the supplied micro USB cable into the battery pack.
  8. 004a ADC-VDB780B Static Battery 004b ADC-VDB780B Connect micro USB 5V-1.5A wall charger

  9. Plug the USB end of the cable into a USB wall charger and insert the charger into an outlet. The charging LED, located on the top of the battery pack, will be solid orange while the device is charging. The charging LED will turn solid green when charging has completed.

  10. If you need further assistance, or for a replacement battery, you can text a Support Representative any time at 469.513.8685.