What is Guard Response?


What is the Guard Response?

Some jurisdictions in the US and Canada have enforced ordinances requiring verification on alarms before responding.

  • In some instances, the police will not respond until the alarm has been visually verified as an actual break-in or unless a number of verification steps have been performed by the monitoring service.

  • In other instances, if a police unit does respond and the alarm is not the result of a real break-in, the homeowner will be fined, several hundred dollars per-response in some locations

How does Guard Response Work?

Upon receiving an alarm signal, the Monitoring Center will attempt to reach the first two contacts on your call list. If there is no contact or a person is contacted and is unable to verify the home is safe, a guard will be dispatched.

  • The responding Guard has the authority to request immediate Police Dispatch if they find evidence of criminal activity or other legitimate causes for alarm

Local Guard Response Companies

In certain jurisdictions, Brinks Home Security™ will contract a local guard response company to respond on alarms in-lieu of the local police agency.

This is done in an effort to:

  • Dispatch a unit to a monitored location in a timely manner
  • Manage response costs for the customer (thus eliminating a punitive fine that would normally be imposed by the local responding public agency)

For further questions regarding the Brinks Home Security™ guard response program, Text us at BRINKS or 274-657.