IQ Panel 2 - Programming A Z-Wave Door Lock

1. Press or swipe down clock display at top for Settings Tray then press SETTINGS

Enter_Program_01_Main.jpg Enter_Program_02_Dropdown.jpg

2. Press ADVANCED SETTINGS then enter the Installer Code 1111 or 2222

Enter_Program_03_Settings_Menu.jpg Enter_Program_04_Enter_Code.jpg


Z-Wave_01_Installer_Menu.jpg Z-Wave_02_Devices.jpg

4. Press ADD DEVICE then PAIR

Z-Wave_Add_00_Main.jpg Z-Wave_Add_01_Main.jpg

5. Remove the battery cover from the Kwikset lock and press the LEFT button


Schlage Deadbolt
1. Enter the six-digit programming code provided in the Schlage documentation

2. Press the SCHLAGE button then 0, The Schlage button flashes orange for a minute


Kwikset Deadbolt
Open the battery cover and press the left button then wait for 2 minutes


Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt
1. Touch the screen with the back of your hand or fingers to activate

2. Enter the 4 to 8 digit Master PIN code then press #, lock should sound a "Happy" tone

3. Press 7 then # to enroll, lock should sound a "Happy" tone


6. If successful lock settings appear, press NAME and select from pre-determined names or press CUSTOM NAME to enter your own name

Z-Wave_Kwikset_Lock_Add_02_Learned.jpg Z-Wave_Kwikset_Lock_Add_03_Name.jpg

7. If CUSTOM NAME was selected press CUSTOM DESC then enter name then press CHECK or KEYPAD icon then press ADD to save

Z-Wave_Kwikset_Lock_Add_04_Custom_Name.jpg Z-Wave_Kwikset_Lock_Add_04_Custom_Name.jpg

8. Press ADD to finish then press BACK ARROW or HOME button to exit

Z-Wave_Kwikset_Lock_Add_05_Add.jpg Z-Wave_Thermostat_Add_09_Exit.jpg