IQ Panel 2—Silence and Reset Alarm

  1. Enter your user code to silence alarm and disarm your alarm.
  2. Alarm_01.jpg Disarm_03_Disarmed.jpg

  3. To acknowledge the alarms in your alarm history, press Messages (the envelope icon top right), then Messages and Alerts.
  4. 2023-IQ2 Silence Reset and Clear Alarm Memory History 7.1.2a_Alarm_Memory_02_275x155.jpg

  5. Press each alarm to select, or press Acknowledge All, to select all. Press Ok to clear the alarm, then swipe left or right to exit.
  6. 7.2.1a_Alarm_Memory_03_275x155.jpg 7.2.2a_Alarm_Memory_04_275x155.jpg 7.2.3a_Alarm_Memory_05_275x155.jpg