Google Home—Brinks Home Controls

Now that you're all set up and ready to control your Brinks Home Security system with Google Assistant, just say, “Hey Google,” and then the command that you would like to give your system.

The following is a list of interactions between Google Home and Brinks Home Security Smart Home:

  • Lights — can turn on / off or change brightness if the light supports it
  • Locks — can lock only
  • Thermostats — set temperature / set mode
  • Panel — can arm only
  • Cameras — very specific; can only "show" a camera on a Chromecast device

The following is a list of example commands that you can use to control your Vivint Smart Home devices:

  • “Hey Google, arm my system to (stay or away).”
  • “Hey Google, is my system armed?”
  • “Hey Google, set the temperature to 75 degrees.”
  • “Hey Google, turn (up or down) the (thermostat name).”
  • “Hey Google, what’s the thermostat set to?”
  • “Hey Google, lock my doors.”
  • “Hey Google, make sure the (lock name) is locked.”
  • “Hey Google, is the (lock name) locked?”
  • “Hey Google, turn (on or off) my lights.”
  • “Hey Google, set the (light name) to 50 percent.”
  • “Hey Google, did I leave the (light name) on?”
  • “Hey Google, turn (on or off) the (plug name).”
  • “Hey Google, is my (plug name) on?”