IQ Panel 2 - Add Z-Wave Light Module

Using Your Z-Wave Light Module (Video)

Use the following instructions to add a Z-Wave light module.

1. Press or swipe down the clock display, then press Settings.

Enter_Program_01_Main.jpg Enter_Program_02_Dropdown.jpg

2. Press Advanced Settings, then enter the default installer code 1111 or 2222.

Enter_Program_03_Settings_Menu.jpg Enter_Program_04_Enter_Code.jpg

3. Press Installation, then Devices.

Z-Wave_01_Installer_Menu.jpg Z-Wave_02_Devices.jpg

4. Press Z-Wave, then Add Device.

Select_Z-Wave_Devices.png Door_Lock_07.jpg

5. Press Pair, then the IQ Panel 2 enters into Z-Wave add mode.

Door_Lock_08.jpg Door_Lock_09.jpg

6. Press the light module's Mate button twice. If successful, the IQ Panel 2 displays device settings.

JE_Jasco_Mate_Button_2_BH_Blue_Arrow_Indicator.jpg Add_03_Learned.png

7. Press Automation, then select Night or Evening for when the device turns on. Press Ok.

Add_04a_Automation.png Add_04_Automation.png

8. Press Name and enter a pre-determined name or select Custom name to create a name.

Add_05_Name.png Add_06_Custom_Name_01.png

7. If Custom Name was selected, enter an up to 10-character name, then press Check or the keyboard icon to exit.

Add_07_Custom_Name_02.png Add_08_Custom_Name_03.png

8. Press Add to save, then press Back or Home to exit.

Press_Add.png Exit.png