Upgrade to a smart lock

Go keyless with a Brinks Home™ smart lock

Here's a feature your front door shouldn't have: a spare key hidden nearby for intruders to find. Going keyless is easy with a Brinks Home smart lock, which features keypad entry and allows you to lock and unlock the door from anywhere with the Brinks Home Mobile App. With our smart lock you can program unique codes for access and receive alerts in the app when they come and go. Combined with Rules and Scenes, it can trigger automations within your security system, such as turning on the front porch light for a bright welcome on dark evenings.

4 ways to use a smart lock:

  • Set up four-digit user codes for family and trusted visitors. Simply create a unique code for your kids, dog walker, or a contractor who needs temporary access. You can easily delete a user code or give it an expiration date.

  • Create smartphone alerts when people unlock the door with their user codes or when a door has been unlocked for an extended amount of time.

  • Control the smart lock with voice-control through an Amazon Echo or Google Home device connected to your system.

  • Set the smart lock to lock or unlock when you leave a geo-fence by setting up a Places rule in the Brinks Home Mobile App.

Goodbye keys, hello smarter front door.