How to Program a Motion Detector to an IQ Panel 2

1. Swipe down from the clock display at the top of the screen then press Settings.

Enter_Program_01_Main.jpg Enter_Program_02_Dropdown.jpg

2. Press Advanced Settings, then enter the default installer code 1111.

Enter_Program_03_Settings_Menu.jpg Enter_Program_04_Enter_Code.jpg

3. Press Installation, then Devices.

Installation_Screen.png 6.png

4. Press Security Sensors, then Auto Learn Sensors.

7.png 8.png

5. Depending on motion detector press the top or bottom tab to remove cover to learn.



6. Press Ok to confirm.

IQ2 Home Security System Auto_Learn_Confirm.png

7. Enter sensor information then press Add New to save, then Home to exit.

11.png Z-Wave_Add_09_Exit.jpg

Sensor Information:

  • Sensor DL ID: Don't touch this option
  • Sensor Type: Select Motion Detector
  • Sensor Name: Select an appropriate name or create a custom description
  • Chime Type: This allows you to apply a specific sound to your device
  • Sensor Group: Set this to 17
  • Voice Prompts: Leave this alone