IQ Panel 2—Bypass & Force Bypass Sensors

Bypass Sensors

1. Press the LOCK icon then press 0001_-_Options_Icon_12x15.jpg on the right. Select ALL to display all sensors.

8.1.1a_Arm_01_275x155.jpg 8.1.2a_Arm_Instant_01_275x155.jpg 8.1.3a_Bypass_01_275x155.jpg

2. Select the sensor you want to bypass. Then press ARM STAY or ARM AWAY.

8.2.1a_Bypass_02_275x155.jpg 8.2.2a_Bypass_03_275x155.jpg 8.2.3a_Arm_Away_02_275x155.jpg

Force Bypass Sensors

Press the LOCK icon. Select ARM STAY to arm exterior sensors and automatically bypass open sensors.

8.3.1a_Force_Arm_01_275x155.jpg 8.3.2a_Bypass_03_275x155.jpg 8.3.3a_Arm_Away_02_275x155.jpg