How to Program the QS1431-840 to Your Panel

To connect the Qolsys QS1431-840 Glassbreak Detector to your panel, find your panel below for step-by-step instructions.

Interlogix Concord

1. Press 080, then press #

001a_Learn_Sensor_01_Shortcut_080_166x40.png then 001b_Learn_Sensor_02_Learn_Sensors_166x40.png

2. Enter a partition number between 1 and 6, then press #

002a_Edit_Sensors_04_Partition_1_166x40.png then 002b_Edit_Sensors_04_Partition_2_166x40.png

3. Enter the Sensor Group number, 10 being standard, then press #

003a_Learn_Sensor_04_Group_0_166x40.png then 003b_Learn_Sensor_04_Group_10_166x40.png

4. Open the glassbreak sensor to tamper the cover (steps shown here); the display will move to the next sensor

004a_Learn_Sensor_05_Trip_Sensor_1_166x40.png then 004b_Learn_Sensor_06_Trip_Sensor_2_166x40.png

5. Press * to exit to "SENSOR GROUP", then press # again to exit sensor programming

005a_Learn_Sensor_04_Group_10_166x40.png then 005b_Learn_Sensor_02_Learn_Sensors_166x40.png

Interlogix Simon XT / XTi / XTi-5

1. Enter programming by selecting the gear icon at the bottom right of the panel, press the down arrow, then press ENTER next to Programming.

001a_Status_01_278x208.jpg 001b_Volume_01_278x208.jpg 001c_User_Code_01_278x208.jpg

2. Enter the installer code (4321), then press OK. Select SENSORS under the System Programming options.

002a_Programming_04_278x208.jpg 002b_Programming_Main_01_278x208.jpg

3. Press LEARN SENSOR then open the glassbreak sensor to tamper the cover (steps shown here). The panel will beep when it detects the new glassbreak sensor.

003a_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_02_278x208.png 003b_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_03_278x208.png

4. Press EDIT by Sensor Group, and enter 10 being for standard priority. Then press SAVE to exit.

004a_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_04b_278x208.png 004b_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_06_278x208.png

5. Press EDIT by Sensor Name, then press EDIT to name. Use up & down arrows to select, then press SAVE.

005a_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_04c_278x208.png 005b_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_07_278x208.png 005c_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_08_278x208.png

6. Press CLOSE to exit.

006a_Programming_-_Learn_Sensor_09_278x208.png 006b_Programming_-_Edit_Sensors_05_278x208.png

Qolsys IQ Panel 2

1. Press the clock display at the top for the Settings Tray, select SETTINGS, then ADVANCED SETTINGS

001a_Enter_Program_01_275x155.jpg 001b_Enter_Program_02_275x155.jpg 001c_Enter_Program_03_275x155.jpg

2. Enter the installer code (1111) or the dealer code (2222)

002a_Enter_Program_04_275x155.jpg 002b_Enter_Program_05_275x155.jpg

3. Press SECURITY SENSORS, then Auto Learn Sensors

005a_Security_Sensors_01_275x155.jpg 005b_Auto_Learn_Sensors_01_275x155.jpg 005c_Auto_Learn_Sensor_01_Learning_275x155.jpg

4. Open the glassbreak sensor cover to tamper the sensor cover (steps shown here). The panel will beep and display the sensor settings.

006a_Auto_Learn_Sensor_02_Accept_275x155.jpg 006c_Add_Sensor_52_DL_ID_Entered_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

5. If partitioning is enabled press Partition Name, then select the partition from the list

007a_Add_Sensor_90_Partition_1_275x155.png 007b_Add_Sensor_91_Partition_2_275x155.png

6. Press Sensor Type, then select the sensor type from the list

008a_Add_Sensor_53_Sensor_Type_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 008b_Add_Sensor_53_Sensor_Type_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

7. Press Sensor Group, then select the sensor from the list

009a_Add_Sensor_54_Sensor_Group_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 009b_Add_Sensor_54_Sensor_Group_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

8. Press Sensor Name, then select the name from the list

010a_Add_Sensor_55_Sensor_Name_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 010b_Add_Sensor_55_Sensor_Name_2.3.0_433_275x155.png 010c_Add_Sensor_55_Sensor_Name_2.3.0_433_2_275x155.png

9. Press Chime Type, then select the chime from the list

011a_Add_Sensor_56_Chime_Type_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 011b_Add_Sensor_56_Chime_Type_2.3.0_433_275x155.png

10. Press Voice Prompts, then select On or Off, followed by pressing the Add New button. This will save your sensor & exit the menu.

012a_Add_Sensor_57_Voice_Prompt_2.3.0_433_1_275x155.png 012b_Add_Sensor_57_Voice_Prompt_2.3.0_433_275x155.png 012c_Add_Sensor_58_Finished_275x155.png

How to Tamper the Glassbreak Sensor Cover

Press the latch on the bottom of the glassbreak sensor to remove the front cover. This will tamper the sensor, which sends a tamper signal to your panel and causes the panel to learn the glassbreak detector.