4 Common Mistakes All Homeowners Should Avoid

4 Common Mistakes First Time Homeowners Should Avoid - Desktop

Keeping a home safe is a top priority for most (if not all) homeowners. Family members and personal possessions are at stake. But sometimes, people miss a crucial security step, inadvertently risking their home safety. This can be especially true for new homeowners. 

Here are the most common home security mistakes and how to avoid them:

1. Not Making It Look Like the House is Occupied

The most important habit for preventing break-ins is making it look like your house is occupied. Burglars won’t want to break into your house if they think somebody is home. If you decide to go out in the evenings or on vacation, consider leaving some lights on. While this might add a little to the electricity bill, it’ll also dissuade burglars. You can also ask your neighbors to check on your house when you go on vacation. In addition, checking the mail or moving the newspapers can help look like someone is home.

Another common cue for burglars is visible trash. If you buy a new television or stereo and leave the box outside, you’re giving potential burglars on the street a heads-up that you just bought something worth stealing. Make sure these purchases aren’t obvious by taking apart the boxes and putting them in the trash or recycling.

2. Forgetting to Lock Up Your Home

Another big mistake people make is simply being forgetful about locking doors and windows. This seems like simple advice, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Double-check your door every time you leave the house -- it only takes a few seconds. Doing so ensures that burglars will have to use force if they want to enter your home. Forced entries (even if you don’t have an alarm system) alert people in the area. Kicking in a door, or breaking a window, is loud, and this gives your security provider or neighbors an opportunity to respond. If you double check your locks when you leave the house, you can significantly limit break-ins. If you know that you easily forget to lock up often, consider installing a smart lock to your door to ensure your home is capable of being locked from your phone.

3. Poor Security System Maintenance

Keep up with your security system needs. A common home security mistake is not maintaining proper care of your system. This means not setting it up properly, not arming it when you leave, not replacing batteries, or not being familiar with all the capabilities of your system.

A crucial part of operating a home security system is knowing the ins and outs. This includes both installation and use. Most self-installed systems are easy to set up, but you should always contact your security company if you need help. When you have a security professional coming to install or service your system, be sure they are who they say they are. Brinks Home™ will never show up unannounced. And be sure to ask your security provider about all the added features in your package or if you can add to it as your needs change.

4. Not Having a Security Plan

Home security is all about being prepared. Know what your priorities are when shopping for a security system. Do research. Talk to experts to decide what is best for your home’s security.

Beyond a system, don’t forget to have a general plan for home security. For example, make sure your family knows where to meet during emergencies and what to do during natural disasters.

Home security should allow you to live with peace of mind – not be more of a burden. Make sure you know what you’re getting before buying and operating a system. Brinks Home Security Consultants are available to discuss your safety needs.

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