5 Ways Brinks Home™ Has Your Back While You’re Away

Go ahead and travel — we’ve got you covered.


FEBRUARY 11, 2020


Whether you’re sitting on a beach thousands of miles from home or away at a work conference, the last thing you want to worry about someone breaking into your house, or coming home to a pile of ashes.

With a self-monitored home security system, you may be able to check your phone to see what’s going on — but you can’t necessarily do anything about it. With Brinks Home™, which comes with 24/7 professional alarm monitoring, it’s a different story. Below are just a few ways a home security system from Brinks Home allows you to breathe easy, board your flight, and trust your security company has your back.

1. 24/7 alarm monitoring and response

A self-monitored doorbell camera can tell you when someone’s approaching your front door, but if you’re out to dinner across the country, the video will only serve to keep you on the edge of your seat. With Brinks Home, there’s a team of trained alarm-monitoring professionals ready to spring into action if someone intrudes. A dispatcher will reach out to you and your emergency contacts and send the police if necessary. To make sure law enforcement responds to an alarm when you’re not home, Brinks Home will also work with you to secure the necessary permit in advance if your city or county requires one. It’s this peace of mind that lets you put your phone away and get back to thinking about what to order for dessert.

2. Faking out would-be intruders

The mere presence of an outdoor security camera, doorbell camera or alarm company window sticker can deter some intruders. But a Brinks Home security system lets you do more to keep bad guys away while you’re gone. How? By convincing them you are home. Even if you’re shopping in New York or camping with your kids, you can use your smartphone to control lights and window shades, or schedule their activity, if you use of home automation devices that are compatible with the Brinks Home system.

Worried that a package left on your porch will give away your absence (or attract a porch pirate)? That’s where a doorbell camera comes in handy. If your Brinks Home SkyBell live stream shows a package sitting there, you can call a friend or neighbor and ask them to take it away.

3. Monitoring for fire or flood

Keeping your eyes on a big game and your mind off your property back home is easy thanks to sensors you can add on for complete home monitoring. Worried about flooding from a burst pipe? Wireless flood and freeze sensors you can deploy throughout your home report directly to your Brinks Home hub to let you and the Brinks Home alarm response center know of any situation that requires immediate attention. If you don’t immediately answer a call triggered by your smoke detector alarm, Brinks Home Fire Monitoring will dispatch the fire department, then call your contact list. Because Brinks Home security systems feature 4G LTE cellular backup and battery backup, you’ll never have to worry about a power outage leaving your most important asset vulnerable while you enjoy some R&R.

4. Giving you a view of Fido

All of Brinks Home’s customizable packages feature options for live video streaming from both indoor and outdoor security cameras, making it easy to keep tabs on furry family members and any pet sitters. Worried the sitter isn’t showing up when they should? The Brinks Home App can notify you when someone has entered the home and provides a high-definition live stream of their activities.

Because many of Brinks Home’s indoor cameras (as well as some alarm panels) are two-way communication enabled, if you see Fido on the couch when he shouldn’t be, you may be able to talk him down. Just want to see what your pooch is up to while you’re away? Cloud video storage is included, so you can watch to your heart’s content.

5. Letting you grant remote access on the go

In case you can’t tear yourself away from your beach vacation or you’re snowed in at the conference and need to be away extra days, Brinks Home-compatible smart locks make it easy for you to provide remote access to your home for neighbors or family members to water plants, check on pets or help with anything else that needs attention.

Michael d'Estries is a freelance journalist based in Ithaca, New York.

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