Best Home Security for a Single Woman

Best security system for single women

Living alone as a single woman can be a source of anxiety, or in extreme cases, it can present as autophobia, which is the fear of living alone. Some people prefer to live alone, and at different stages in one’s life, living alone may be an unexpected eventuality. In any case, there are layers of security that can be established to both alleviate any concern as well as provide preventative measures against intrusion.

What to look for in a home security system for women

Often, personal safety tips mention having situational awareness in public spaces, but this translates well to implementing personal home security. Knowing the locked status of your doors and windows, being alerted to visitors approaching your property, and adding environmental sensors that can alert you of unsafe conditions are all ways of raising your awareness of your immediate surroundings.

Having someone to watch out for you makes you less of an easy target. Prominently displaying that you have security safeguards, such as displaying that you own a monitored security system using window decals or yard signs, can be a deterrent to potential threats.

Being the sole person occupying a residence doesn’t always rule out the presence of a companion animal. One popular take on personal security includes having man’s best friend. For this reason, home security systems should be pet-friendly, such as having pet-immune motion detection systems.

Although she resided with her husband, Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the first home security system for her own protection while her husband was away at work. In addition to the security aspects described above, she also designed automated locks and two-way communication systems that she believed were useful in managing the safety of her interactions with unknown visitors. Most modern home security systems support devices that contain these features.

While early generations of closed-circuit television (CCTV) provided an improved means by which to view and record activity in and around a property, recent developments have the additional convenience of being able to access your security camera footage remotely. Having your home security cameras connected to a mobile app that you can view from anywhere there is an internet connection can increase your confidence that the coast is clear before you even arrive at home.

Why women living alone need a home security system

In 2021, over 1.4 million women were reported as victims of crimes involving property, such as burglary, and over 400K women were reported as being victims of violent crimes. It’s no wonder there is such a potential for anxiety over living alone.

While understanding signs of stalking or somebody casing your property for burglary can help you be aware of potential threats, having home surveillance can also provide you with evidence of such behaviors.

When opening your door to address a door-to-door salesman, there's a potential that you’re speaking with scammers who have ulterior motives. Having a video doorbell camera can be useful in both capturing these interactions, and the two-way communication capabilities integrated into many of these systems can be used to vet the intent of someone’s visit.

Even when you are the one who initiates some kind of interaction, it is wise to have a plan in place for hosting individuals who are providing you with services such as maintenance work. Having a securely guarded home perimeter equipped with sensors and smart door locks can inform one-time guests that an unwanted return trip may not be worth the effort. Having an indoor security camera in a common area can also send the message that they might be easily identified in the future.

Trust your instincts when a situation feels awkward or uncomfortable. If your gut tells you that something isn’t right, don’t feel the need to be polite. Being able to act quickly or discretely can be a lifesaver, which is why security panels can include panic buttons, record audio, and be configured to secretly report if you are being held under duress.

Tips for finding the best home security system for a single woman

The best home security system will not be a one-size-fits-all approach. While an intrusion can happen anywhere, an individual’s personal situation will dictate the best approach. For example, the ability to equip your home with a custom smart door lock might be limited if you rent versus if you own your residence.

Since preparedness for installation personnel is one of the items cautioned, having a reputable company keeping a record of who will be dispatched to your location is preferable to have an independent contractor. Alternatively, having options for a do-it-yourself approach may be preferable. In either case, choosing a company that meets your needs should be the most important factor.

With a security system that is professionally monitored by Brinks Home™, you can expect the dispatch of emergency responders as soon as a threat is detected, and safeguards can be put in place to avoid the nuisance of a false alarm.

Enjoy your peace of mind, and contact us today to get started with a Security Consultant who can help you build the perfect system to meet all your security needs.

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