Cellular Monitoring vs. Landline Monitoring

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November 9, 2020

Cellular v Landline Monitoring Desktop

If you’re comparing different home security services, you may need to decide between cellular monitoring or landline monitoring. Both systems have their advantages, but depending on your home, you might prefer one option over the other.

Cellular monitoring services

Cellular monitoring is steadily becoming more popular for home security systems. Cellular monitoring services work through the cellular towers rather than routing through a landline. This flexible solution means your home security doesn’t rely on a landline home or an internet connection.

A cellular system is extremely versatile because there’s no need to run any wires. You can create an entirely wireless solution through the use of internet (when applicable) and cellular data. On the other hand, cellular systems often consume more battery energy because the wireless system requires energy to use.

Weather or cellular tower outages can disrupt a cellular home security system. Cellular-based systems also tend to be more expensive upfront, though they may contain more advanced technologies, and could even save money in the long term.

Advantages to cellular monitoring services include:

  • A versatile, wireless system that doesn’t need any additional connections.

  • Affordability, depending on whether the homeowner has a landline.

  • Being able to place anywhere and easily take the system with you if you move.

Landline Monitoring Services

Most traditional services are landline monitoring services, meaning they connect directly to a phone line. These monitoring services often require their own dedicated landline to alert emergency services when something triggers the alarm.

Landline services aren’t disrupted by weather the way cellular systems are, but they still can potentially go down. When they do, they may create a false alarm.

Advantages to landline monitoring services include:

  • Stability of monitoring. These systems are less likely to experience outages.

  • Ease of setup since many homes already have landline technology in place that can be used for the monitoring system.

  • Being less likely to require or run on battery power

  • Affordability, both in terms of technology and monitoring cost.

Cellular vs. landline monitoring

Many security companies offer both cellular and landline monitoring systems, depending on your specific needs. If you want to run wires, a landline system may prove more affordable and durable. But if you want a versatile system that doesn’t need hard-wired connections, you may prefer a cellular system.

Some companies recommend you have both a cellular and wired system. That way, if the wired landline system goes down, the cellular operates as a backup — or vice versa —especially in places with intermittent connections, like rural areas.

Due to similarities in the equipment, it’s purely the connection you need to consider. You can access the same features and the same monitoring experience through the use of either cellular or landline monitoring. You’ll need to determine which is best for you based on reliability and cost, which will depend on your area and the system you choose. Should you get a cellular monitoring system or a landline monitoring system? Either way, Brinks Home™ can help build a security system that is perfect for your needs.

Allison Clark is a senior writer for Brinks Home. She enjoys educating others on the benefits of smart home security and using technology to simplify everyday life.

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