5 Steps to Prevent Doorbell Camera Theft

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Doorbell camera theft is more common than people think. While some instances can be attributed to harmless teenage pranks, the theft of your doorbell’s camera is an inconvenience and can also leave your front porch without the protection you’re used to. Fortunately, Brinks Home Security ™ is here to help you prevent doorbell camera theft five easy steps: 

1. Purchase Insurance

Just like with a car, house, boat, or any piece of property, insurance is an invaluable thing to have. As soon as a doorbell camera is bought and installed, make sure you get it insured. This way, you’ll be covered if the camera does get stolen or damaged. Plus, having a record of such activities may help you and your neighbors keep tabs on events happening in your neighborhood, which could further help the police identify culprits. 

2. Secure the Power Cable 

If your doorbell camera isn’t wireless, make sure to conceal the camera’s power cable. Use clips to run the cable along an edge, eave, or other hidden place. Then, paint the cable and clips to match your home. You can run the flat USB cable through a doorway and plug it into an indoor outlet, keeping the cable out of reach by routing it through the top instead of the bottom of the door. 

3. Back-Up the Data on an External Hard Drive or the Cloud 

Backing up data is critical. Even before something unfortunate happens to the camera, it’s a good idea keep a backup stored. You can do this easily by purchasing an external hard drive and creating a cloud account, while making sure to update the backup data every two to three weeks.   

4. Update the System 

In order for security to work properly, everything needs to be up to date. An outdated system will lead to vulnerability, which could increase the chances of doorbell camera theft. Do an update check every week.  Even if you don’t consider yourself tech savvy, finding updates for a security system should be easy to do with a quick online search. Once your find the right updates for your doorbell camera, make the appropriate corrections to ensure you stay protected. 

5. Increase Your Network’s Security  

It doesn’t take much to have any part of the doorbell camera stolen. Do everything possible to secure your main account to the camera, such as changing the password to something stronger or running checks on it daily. Also, be sure you are receiving alerts notifying you when someone is trying to access your account. A more secure network will decrease the likelihood of camera and data theft.  

Brinks Home Keeps You Safe 

Protect your home at all hours of the day with our award-winning, 24/7 professional monitoring. Our smart home security systems include best-in-class equipment that’s ready to keep a close watch on activity happening – both while you’re away or at home and busy with other things. Speak to a security expert today to learn more about how you can customize a package that’s tailored to your family’s needs. We can also help you locate the right spots in your home for installing equipment for optimum security and from falling into the wrong hands. Interested in protecting your home with monitored home security? Call to get a free quote from Brinks Home today.

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