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What different colors may indicate.


December 15, 2020

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Home alarm systems are common in millions of households across the United States because they help lower petty theft and burglary rates. Keeping your alarm system up and running at all times helps deter potential burglars from targeting your home and property.

If you have a home alarm system installed, you may notice a blinking or colored light on the device. There are a few steps you can take to ensure your alarm is not disabled or malfunctioning. Here’s how to determine what that light may mean:

Observe the color of your home alarm’s light

When a different light appears from your home alarm system, the first step is to determine the color of the light. In many cases:

  • A blinking or solid green light indicates a working system.

  • A yellow solid or blinking light may mean your system has a potential malfunction or trouble communicating with your security service provider.

  • A blinking or solid red light may require assistance over the phone with your security company or an in-person professional service repair.

Reference your alarm system’s official manual and instruction guide

Most home alarm systems come with a manual or installation guide. Within the manual, there are troubleshooting sections to help guide you through the process of determining the best course of action depending on the color of light that appears on your home alarm. If you cannot locate your home alarm guide or instruction manual, search the make and model of your home security system online for more details regarding colored light indicators.

Check the following sections within your reference manual or troubleshooting guide:

  • Installation and setup

  • Errors with system

  • Troubleshooting (colors, lighting, and system status)

Call your security company for additional troubleshooting

When you do not have a guide and require immediate assistance, call your security company directly for more information regarding your alarm system and what each light color indicates. A professional security representative can walk you through the process of restoring your system or provide you with a service technician.

Knowing what to do when a trouble light appears will help you better understand your home security system.

Contact Brinks Home™ to find a home alarm system tailored to your home and property’s needs.

Allison Clark is a senior writer for Brinks Home. She enjoys educating others on the benefits of smart home security and using technology to simplify everyday life.

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