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Between instantly accessing information with a few keystrokes and controlling electronics with the simple push of a button, technology makes our daily lives easier and more efficient. Innovation is occurring at a more rapid pace than ever, and it’s an exciting time to see what’s next in home security technology.

From “set it and forget it” smart home automation to AI-powered video tracking, here’s a look at the latest trends and new home security technology to watch this year.

Smarter Smart Homes and Smart Home Devices

More consumers are embracing smart home technology, which is expected to generate $38.8 billion in revenue in the United States this year. As the popularity of smart home devices increases, homeowners are increasingly looking for security solutions that can be integrated with them.

Smart home devices offer greater control and ease in not only managing security but also lighting, temperature, and even entertainment. Using wireless, internet-connected devices is convenient, saving both time and energy.

Smart Automation for Better Home Security

A growing number of consumers are realizing the benefits of smart home automation, using it to streamline daily routines and assist with household tasks.

For example, instead of going in to manually adjust a room’s temperature, you can program a smart thermostat to automatically set your preferred comfort level.

Integrating these systems for enhanced home security is becoming increasingly popular, with options for automating locks, door and window sensors, and more. You may use smart lights to go on at a certain time each night when you’re away, giving the impression you are home and deterring potential burglars. This idea of “set it and forget it” also provides peace of mind.

Plus, controlling multiple devices is easier than ever through a centralized system. Brinks Home™ products seamlessly integrate and can be managed through the Brinks Home Mobile App.

Remote Control Access and Fast Wireless

The ease of having devices synced in one place goes hand in hand with having access and control from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. In an ever-connected world, consumers increasingly depend on smart security solutions with remote-service features.

The ability to tap into your system on-the-go is possible through advancements in wireless and cloud-based technologies. Smart home automation has been propelled by Wi-Fi and the rise of 5G, the fifth generation of wireless technology. 5G is expected to reach speeds 10–50 times faster than current 4G networks and be the dominant mobile access network by subscription in 2028.

Instant Alerts and Live Video Watch

Lightning-fast wireless speeds allow for improved connectivity and enhanced capabilities of smart home devices—as well as quicker response times.

Time is of the essence in an emergency, and the faster a security event or incident is detected, the potential for damage lessens. Not only can you be instantly alerted to potential threats with a notification on your smartphone, but you can keep an eye on things in real-time through our mobile app.

Self-monitoring capabilities are heightened, allowing you to tap into live video surveillance and view your security camera feed anytime from just about anywhere. Our mobile app gives you control on the go, with the ability to arm and disarm your system, lock and unlock doors, and much more.

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The rapidly accelerating field of AI continues to bring innovations in new home security technology, offering sophisticated solutions that improve accuracy and effectiveness.

Many smart home automation features are powered by AI, with software programmed to perform tasks and send alerts. Through machine learning, devices and systems are trained to identify patterns, detect abnormalities, and indicate potential threats. This artificial intelligence-driven predictive analysis is an essential component in a smart home security plan.

AI algorithms can not only anticipate risks but can enable protective measures, triggering an automatic response—like sending you a mobile notification or calling for emergency assistance—if certain criteria are met.

Behavior Analytics, Object Detection, and Visual Intelligence

Another emerging AI-informed security capability is behavioral analytics. By analyzing residents’ patterns at home, behavioral tracking provides another layer of protection by alerting homeowners if there is unusual activity inside or outside.

The integration of AI with enhanced video technology is an exciting development in home security. Brinks Home’s AI-powered security cameras combine exceptional detection with high-quality visuals, capturing clear video footage in different lighting environments.

Our state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor cameras also offer intelligent video analytics with Object Detection as an advanced feature.

More Home Security Technology Trends

Beyond innovations in systems, software, and video, other electronic security devices have increasingly enhanced capabilities for ultimate convenience.

Touchless Tech, Voice Control, and Smart Sensors

Smart locks have been a key development in new home security technology, eliminating the need for physical keys. They offer seamless access control, with the ability to lock/unlock doors remotely (including through the Brinks Home Mobile App).

The trend of contactless entry and control will continue with advancements in facial recognition technology. AI-powered security systems can analyze facial features to identify individuals, granting seamless access only to those who are authorized.

Voice-activated control is a popular hands-free feature in smart home security systems, and homeowners can use voice commands to control lighting, arm and disarm systems, and more. This can also be done with the help of virtual assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, which are integrated with many smart home devices.

Sensors are also more sophisticated, with a greater number of homes installing highly capable environmental monitoring systems. Safeguarding your property goes beyond physical security and intruders—it’s important to monitor environmental factors like temperature and air quality. Devices with ecological sensors ensure early detection of potential health and safety risks, such as fire, flooding, and carbon monoxide leaks.

Making New Security Technology Work for You

According to a report by Accenture, 31% of consumers said they experience frustration when technology fails to accurately understand them and their intentions. That number may change as technology becomes more human by design.

From using smart home devices to having remote access, embracing new forms of technology can streamline your daily life and household tasks. Moreover, it enhances home security, providing more layers of protection—and peace of mind.

How Brinks Home Supports Home Security Innovation

At Brinks Home, we’re here to help—contact us to learn more about smart home security solutions and 24/7 professional monitoring. While technology is always advancing, you can count on us to work with you in choosing the right devices with a customized system.

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