Smart Arming in the Brinks Home App

What is Smart Arming, and who can use it?

Smart Arming is a new feature that intelligently auto-arms and disarms your system based on user activity. It goes beyond scheduled arming and disarming to intelligently adapt to your daily routines. You will have the ability to set rules based on time of day, day of week, and specific activity within your home. Just choose the time of day you typically want your system armed at night (for example, after 11 pm) and disarmed in the morning (for example, at 7 am), and when the system detects inside activity or motion (such as when an early riser goes downstairs ahead of schedule at 6:15 am) the system automatically disarms. You can also choose a window of time to auto-disarm when activity is detected (for example, between 5 am and 12 pm), without a scheduled time to disarm. This intelligent adaptability reduces the risk of false alarms and makes your home security significantly more convenient.
Smart Arming is available to all customers with a compatible security system* paired with the Brinks Home™ app (powered by Smart Arming is designed primarily for use by residential customers, and there is no additional cost for this feature.

How does Smart Arming work, and what are its benefits?

Automatic Arming:

Automatically places your system into Arm Stay mode when everyone has turned in for the night.

Designate a Goodnight range of hours for bedtime and set a duration where no interior motion is detected. The system will not arm until the household is settled.

If away for any reason and armed in Arm Away mode, the system will ignore the rules and remain armed for Away mode.

Automatic Disarming:

Automatically disarm your system when the household stirs each morning.

Set your Wake Up range of hours for morning and disarm with motion detection on your selected device.

Again, if already set to Arm Away mode, the system will not override this, and will remain armed.

Enabling Smart Arming in the Brinks Home App

In the Brinks Home Mobile App:

  1. Log in to the Brinks Home Mobile App, select Security System from the main menu, then tap Smart Arming.
  2. 001.1 Smart Arming

  3. Toggle each button to the right of Wake Up and Goodnight to enable Smart Arming. Tap on Goodnight to configure settings.
  4. 001.2 Wake Up and Goodnight Options Defined

  5. Under the Goodnight detail page, set your Arm Stay range and the duration of inactivity after which it will activate. Tap on Included Sensors to specify.
  6. 001.3

  7. On the included sensors list, check the box for each motion detector that you want to detect inactivity before your system is armed in Arm Stay mode. Go back to the Smart Arming start to set up Wake Up details, and tap Wake Up to proceed.
  8. 001.3b Goodnight Sensors List

  9. Under the Wake Up detail page, set your Disarm options, similar to the Goodnight settings above, then tap on Included Sensors to specify.
  10. 001.4 Wake Up Details

  11. On the included sensors list, check the box for each motion detector that you want to detect activity before your system is disarmed.
  12. Note: it is recommended that you do not set any motion detectors which monitor outdoor activity to prevent outside activity from disarming your system.

    001.4b Wake Up Sensors List

With the Brinks Home Desktop App:

  1. Log in to the Brinks Home App on a desktop browser, then select Security System or the security status windowpane. Click on Smart Arming tab for options. Toggle the buttons next to each option to enable and press the edit icon (pencil) to set up the rules for each automation.
  2. 002.1 Security Pane Options - Smart Arm Tab

  3. Set your Wake Up rules by choosing a range of time during which the system will automatically disarm based movement activity on your selected motion detectors. Tap Save when you are done.
  4. 002.2 Security Smart Arming Options

  5. Set up your Goodnight rules. Choose to automatically set your system into Arm Stay mode based on time or based on a range of time during which no activity is detected on your selected motion detectors. Tap Save to save your settings.
  6. 002.3 Security Smart Arming Details

Do I have a compatible system?

Since Brinks Home supports a broad spectrum of legacy systems, not every customer will have a compatible system.

Your system will need to be enrolled with the Brinks Home app, powered by This is the primary app used by Brinks Home customers; however, there are some systems enrolled into Total Connect 2.0 or Brinks Home Protect America.

Your system will also need the correct equipment. It is expected that your system will have at least one non-camera motion detector.

The system must also be one of the following panel models:

  • • 2GIG GC2/GC2e
  • • 2GIG GC3/GC3e
  • • 2GIG Edge
  • • DSC PowerSeries Neo/Pro
  • • Interlogix Concord
  • • Interlogix XT/XTi/XTi-5i (with firmware versions below 193a)
  • • Qolsys IQ Panel 2
  • • Qolsys IQ Panel 4

If you need further assistance, you can text a Support Representative at 469.513.8685.